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DS Laboratories Brand Products

In recent years, DS Laboratories have repeatedly focused on the desire to develop products that can really add value to your life. Their solutions are made using advanced methods to enable them to provide an innovative approach to your hair problems.

Quite certainly, economics plays an important part in every business, but DS Laboratories also ensures that quality is not compromised for profits. It is just their unique way of manufacturing and delivering.



With Spectral.F7 topical hair booster, it is very easy to achieve healthy, thicker and fuller looking hair....

Spectral.RS ™

Spectral.RS ™

If you are looking for a minoxidil-free topical treatment to control hair loss, Spectral.RS is just the...

Dandrene ™

Dandrene ™

Work on the root of your dandruff everyday with the Dandrene cleansing system. This revolutionary shampoo...

Revita ™ Hair Growth Shampoo

Revita ™ Hair Growth Shampoo

Promoting natural hair growth needn’t be a messy, troublesome procedure when you have Revita Hair Growth...

Keramene ™

Keramene ™

Whether you wax, tweeze, shave, dissolve, burn or electrolyze hair on the body, Keramene can help you out....

Revita.COR High Performance Conditioner Revita.COR High Performance Conditioner

Revita.COR High Performance Conditioner

Revita.COR Conditioner makes use of state-of-the-art hair stimulating properties to help your hair achieve...

Spectral.CSF Spectral.CSF


Spectral.CSF is an advanced hair booster topical formula prepared specifically to address hair thinning...

Spectral.DNC-N Spectral.DNC-N


One of the most terrific creations of DS Laboratories, Spectral.DNC-N is a breakthrough hair health...

Spectral.DNC-S Spectral.DNC- S


A product of the well-renowned DS Laboratories, Spectral.DNC-S is a revolutionary hair thickness promoting...

Spectral DNC

Spectral DNC

Wouldn’t it be great if you could treat hair loss using herbal extracts instead of chemical serums?...


Huge Range of Products

Some people might think that DS Laboratories are continually creating new products to keep up with demand, but they actually spend a lot of time researching what consumers are looking for and then they come up with a suitable solution. This is largely the fundamental reason for their success.

An example of some of the most popular products in their range include Spectral DNC, Spectral.RS, Revita Hair Growth Shampoo, Keramene and Dandrene. While most other products are dedicated to support hair growth, Dandrene deals with dandruff issues in men and women and Keramene is created for permanent hair inhibition.

Value for Money

Another important part of DS Laboratories manufacturing philosophy is that all products should offer the best value for the money. This is often reflected in each product, for example Keramene, when used long term, saves you the money that you have been spending in expensive hair removal procedures. Similarly, Spectral DNC and Spectral.RS work on thinning issues before getting to the advanced stage of heavy hair loss. DS products are designed to be useful, at the most affordable of prices.