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Foligain Brand Products

Foligain is widely known for its minoxidil topical foams for hair loss, but this brand is always growing and coming up with really unique approaches and solutions to hair loss.

Over the last few years, its products are getting even more popular in the United Kingdom and United States of America. Whether you suffer from alopecia, hair loss or thinning hair, Foligain can help.

Anti Gray Capsules

Anti Gray Capsules

Get the support to reclaim the original colour of your hair with Foligain Anti Gray Capsules. You now have...

Foligain.SR Shampoo

Foligain.SR Shampoo

If you are expecting better scalp and hair health by just using a shampoo then Foligain.SR Shampoo is...


Foligain - A Global Name

The world is not short of hair loss treatments, but we are in need of options that work effectively, safely and are affordable. There are many drug-based options, but men and women still prefer the safest option. Foligain, as a brand, is dedicated to come up with solutions that actually deliver without damaging.

Its supplements are made with herbal extracts and nutrients to promote blood flow and remove toxins out of the body. Even the minoxidil options are clinically tested and studied for better results. That is how Foligain has managed to establish itself as a global brand.

Affordable and Effective

Alternative treatments are often disregarded for their slow effects and huge costs over a longer period of time. Many of the hair loss treatments need to be taken for over a year until you experience anything positive. However, Foligain can deliver results more quickly and at lesser costs.

In fact this is the reason why so many men and women prefer to use Foligain products over many other brands and at HairCareTotal we bring you the best products from the Foligain range so you do not have to go anywhere else.