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Control Grey Hair Naturally

Some people panic as their natural looking hair colour begins to turn grey, while others take it in their stride and begin to accept the change. For those who panic, this ageing sign cannot be reversed but can be delayed. You can control grey hair growth by using artificial means such as hair dye which will need reapplication every 2-3 weeks, or by taking a grey hair supplement that can help fight the root cause of premature greying. Before that, many people tend to wonder as to why hair becomes grey, as they get older. There are scientific reasons for that.

Why does hair turn grey?

The age at which a person’s hair starts turning grey is majorly determined by genetics. You are likely to follow in the footsteps of your parents and grandparents in this issue! But the rate at which greying progresses totally depends on you. Factors such as anaemia, poor nutrition, insufficient vitamin B, thyroid condition, and habits such as smoking can accelerate the greying process.

Anti Gray Capsules

Anti Gray Capsules

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What causes hair colour to change?

Every hair follicle has pigment cells called melanocytes. These cells produce eumelanin, which is black or dark brown in colour, and pheomelanin which is reddish-yellow in colour. Melanocytes pass melanin to these cells that produces keratin, the protein that makes up the structure of the hair. Keratin is produced by cells called keratinocytes. When these cells die, they retain the colouring from melanin. This is when your hair will start greying. The melanocytes will still be present when you first start going grey but they become less prominent. As greying progresses, more melanocytes cells die until there are no more cells left to produce the colour.

How do I control grey hair growth?

There are many natural, home-made and artificial methods to overcome premature greying. If you do not have the time to invest in a home-made preparation and do not trust artificial products enough, then your best bet is natural grey hair pills. With a blend of natural ingredients that help control damage to the melanin production in the body, these grey hair pills for men and women aim to serve the purpose by also boosting the nutrient content in the body. It was found by researchers at University of Bradford in Great Britain that hydrogen peroxide is one of the most harmful toxins affecting your hair. The natural ingredients in this type of grey hair treatment aim to counteract with toxin to support health of hair.

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