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Skin Doctors Hair No More System Hair Removal Pack


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What is the Skin Doctors Hair No More System?*

It is one of the simplest hair removal products in the market with no need of supplements, batteries or even refill packs. The system combines a hair removal cream, which can instantly clear out skin, and a hair inhibiting spray that disturbs growth with regular use. A two-step treatment roughly takes over ten minutes but results are impressive. What’s better is that it doesn’t damages skin tissues and moisturizes to make skin silky smooth.

How do the ingredients work?*

Skin Doctors Hair No More System has two different solutions, a hair removal cream and a hair inhibitor spray. Calcium Thioglycolate in the removal cream has a depilatory action that instantly breaks down proteins of keratin to remove hair. Once the hair is removed, the inhibitor spray works as an antiseptic and healing agent. However, the most important task of this spray is to penetrate deep into the hair follicle and retard the cells associated with growth. With regular use, the ingredients of inhibition spray may completely stop growth.

How much time is required?*

The efficiency of Skin Doctors Hair No More System dominantly depends on the quantity and thickness of hair. Its hair removal cream can remove hair in under 15 minutes. Initially, hair growth gets thinner with visibility lighter, and with time, it gets even more difficult for new follicles to develop.


Hair Removal Cream: You have to apply an even and thin layer of cream and. The application time depends on coarseness and quantity of hair but approximately 5 minutes on body and 2 minutes on face should be enough. Remove a small amount of cream to see if hair comes out easily. If it does, remove cream and if it doesn’t, wait for a couple of minutes.

Hair Inhibitor Spray: After depilation, clean the area with a soft cloth and apply nothing else. Let the skin dry and then spray with a fine mist over the area. Now massage the solution with fingers until fully absorbed.

The Ingredients in Skin Doctors Hair No More System?

The primary ingredients in this system include calcium thioglycolate, willow bark, witch hazel and hypericum.

Safe to Use

Skin Doctors Hair No More System has no known severe side effects but it is advised that you do a patch test just to be sure. Please note that this product might not be suitable for breast nipple, nose, ears, genitals and perianal parts.

Who can use it?

Both men and women can use the system on body and face apart from the areas mentioned above.


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I needed something to stop regrowth of hair on my body. And this system worked brilliantly for me.

Very easy to use and I felt as if it is working, even though I have only been using it for a few weeks.

Ive tried salon lasers and other methods but I just end up disappointed. Maybe its just me but I thought id give it a go and im glad I did. Leaves my skin very smooth and for long periods too. I liked the delivery too.

I haven’t used it yet but would like to congratulate these guys on their speedy service.

Initially I liked it and the results were good but since then things haven’t really progressed. I think its just me as other people have had great results. I understand its not for everyone.

I began by just using the spray which I bought separately and then I thought id buy this system. It’s a great system as it provides both the cream and spray. They work very well together and has helped me become hair free in around 2 months,