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HairMax Density Kit - Shampoo, Conditioner & Revitalizer 3 Piece Hair Densifying System

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Allow HairMax to help you cleanse, hydrate and revitalize both your hair & scalp with its densifying pack. The pack contains three powerful products: Densifying Shampoo, Conditioner and Revitalizer that is innovatively designed to help you give denser and thicker hair. So men and women who suffer from hair loss can use these HairMax products in combination and expect quicker results than using one of them.

  • Hair and Scalp Trio Pack for thinning hair
  • Shampoo for fortifying and revitalizing hair
  • Revitalizer for deep cleans and exfoliation of scalp.
  • Conditioner for hydrating and restoring
  • Made with natural and organic ingredients
  • Quick and easy application
  • Safe for Color Treated Hair

This Densifying Pack is part of the innovative thinning hair care line of HairMax which is inspired by the science of hair growth. You can use them safely on your colored hair and also in conjunction with the HairMax laser light treatments.

What is Densifying HairMax pack for?

This is a smartly designed pack of Densifying Shampoo, Conditioner and Revitalizer aimed at cleansing, hydrating, strengthening and revitalizing your hair. The three revolutionary HairMax products in the pack uses innovative formulas made with natural ingredients to target both hair and scalp that can help you give denser and thicker hair.

What are the contents of Hairmax Densifying Pack?

Hairmax Densifying Shampoo

HairMax Density Shampoo:
This is a powerful shampoo with rich and natural ingredients that can help you cleanse your hair. You will see am innovative blend of DHT blockers, anti-oxidants and therapeutic botanicals in the ingredient list of the shampoo formulation, infused to help restore balance, optimize scalp health and enhance the vitality, thickness and volume of your hair. Its low pH, purifying formula free from harsh effects of sulfates offers a gentle exfoliation to your scalp.

Hairmax Revitalizer

HairMax Density Revitalizer:
This product is specially formulated to deep cleanse and exfoliate your scalp with an invigorating blend of essential oils like menthol and peppermint oil. These oils hold natural characteristics that may help to make your scalp feel refreshed and revitalized. Hence, it is also considered as a scalp cleanser that can assist you clear inflammatory-promoting sebum and oil from the scalp. With this you can support your hair loss treatments to work more effectively.

Hairmax conditioner

HairMax Density Conditioner:
The conditioner in this trio pack can help you to deeply hydrate each hair strand, reduce breakage and split ends. It has a formulation with argan oil, plant extracts and nutrients that keep your hair hydrated and moisturized. The formula is also sulfate free which can protect your hair while leaving your hair full, silky, and more manageable.

How to use Hairmax Densifying pack?

Direction to use Shampoo:

You have to wet your hair before applying this densifying shampoo. Massage the shampoo over your hair and scalp for 30 seconds, rinse it out thoroughly.

Direction to use Revitalizer:

After shampooing, apply the densifying revitalizer once in a week. Massage it into your scalp, leave for a minute and rinse thoroughly.

Direction to use Conditioner:

Apply the conditioner on wet hair from the root to tip. Leave it on your hair for 1 minute before you rinse it thoroughly.

Words for Safety:

Protect eye area while using Hairmax Densifying shampoo, revitalizer and conditioner.

When can I expect seeing results?

When you consider using a product like the Densifying pack, you should follow the instructions religiously and use each product in a structured order. The order is using shampoo first, secondly the conditioner and third the revitalizer. Also remember not to use them more than required as results will not be achieved any quicker. Let the antioxidants and other natural elements of the three revolutionary products ensure optimal recovery of your hair follicles. You may then start seeing results in few months of use.

Where can I buy Hairmax Densifying Pack?

Ordering at HairCareTotal couldn't be easier. Simply click the 'add to basket' icon on this page and choose from multiple payment and delivery methods to suit your needs. If you order by 4.00pm you can receive your Densifying Pack the very next day. Let your hair open and stop worrying about your hair loss with this revolutionary new product!

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George says:

What a great hair supporting pack to have! Superb price, awesome looking and amazingly results.

Stephine says:

I am happy with the result of using this product for 3 months now. I think my hair has stopped falling drastically and my fishtail looks thicker now.

Charlie says:

Thanks to haircaretotal to get me this product at a good deal. I’ve been using HairMax laser device and was looking for a perfectly complementing shampoo and conditioner. My search ends here and my life is sorted with this shampoo, revitalizer and conditioner!

Amy says:

I will choose HairMax, any day of the week

June says:

While searching for a hair growth shampoo, I came across this pack offered at festive discount. I then thought why not try 3 of them. Thank God, I really made a wise decision that day. Happy to see improvements in my hair.