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Nourkrin for Woman 60 | Hair Loss Tablets for Women

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Nourkrin for women is a food supplement programme designed with a vital complex of proteins and minerals responsible for hair growth metabolism. The course is easy to take with just 2 tablets a day, the formula is safe and drug-free and has passed European food safety authorities.

  • Hair growth nutrition programme
  • Aids in combatting hair thinning
  • Made with protein and mineral complex
  • Free from drugs and chemical additives
  • Clinically demonstrated success in 83% women
  • Gold Medal from World Trichology Society

This supplement targets thinning symptoms in women irrespective of age or ethnicity. To ensure complete growth, Nourkrin women tablets are recommended for long-term use. Order it today with HairCareTotal for free delivery in the UK.


Endorsed as the ultimate hair nutrition programme for women, this supplement promises to deliver the most essential growth nutrients from only natural sources. During clinical trials done by the manufacturer, it has demonstrated to help 83% of the participants with thinning problems.

Nourkrin women food supplement can be used to stop hair loss, and promote and maintain growth naturally. You should take two tablets a day with a healthy diet for best results.


This supplement has clinically shown to improve the hair growth cycle. Clinical studies were carried out by independent researchers, trichologists and the company itself to show female users the benefits Marilex has to the female hair cycle.

Marilex Ingredients
Marilex is the most important revolutionary ingredient in Nourkrin for women. It normalises the hair growth cycle in the long term and brings balance to the scalp internally giving longer lasting more effective results. It has been recognised by many health institutions across the world and it is accepted by the European Food Safety Authority and approved by the FDA. The experts at Nourkin have been researching Marilex for a number of years now and come up with a formula of ingredients that compliment one another and make each active ingredient more efficient.
Acerola cherry extracts
Nourkrin for women also includes Acerola cherry extract loaded with Vitamin C, an antioxidant known to reduce the damage caused by free radical to cell growth. It is also a toxin-remover that can be combined with silica to combat disturbed Dihydrotestosterone levels, also known as DHT. Other nutrients supporting hair follicle growth include vitamins A, B1, B2 and B3 along with bioflavonoids and carotenoids. D-biotin further aids in circulatory health while horsetail extract lends its herbal power and mineral support of selenium, potassium and manganese. It is also rich in flavonoids and saponins that support the hair production cycle.

Full list of ingredients: Marilex (extract protein compound of marine origin from fish), acerola cherry extract (malpighia punicifolia), silicon dioxide, horsetail extract (equisetum arvense), D-biotin, bulking agents (microcrystalline cellulose; dicalcium phosphate), stabilisers ( magnesium stearate), glazing agents (fatty acids; glycerol).


This blend is specifically designed for women suffering with initial thinning and hair loss problems. Nourkrin for women lends best support if hair follicles are dull and damaged to be repaired with nutrients and blood flow support.


Awards for nourkrinkin

Awards won by Nourkrin


Testimonial for nourkrinkrin capsules
Testimonial for nourkrinkrin tablets

It has been hailed by trichologists, dermatologists and hair stylists across the world. The 300g Marilex concentration and its purity are appreciated by Jo Hansford (Hair Stylist), Dr. Wendy Denning and Dr. David H. Kingsley (Hair Loss Experts).


Nourkrin recommend you take the course for over 3 to 6 months but users reported experiencing visible results in less than 4 weeks. The results vary for every individual depending on the severity of the problem and circulatory health of the individual. Nourkin recommends that you do not stop the course if you want to see optimal results as the improvements you gain will reverse slowly without finishing the hair nutrition programme.

Nourkrin stats


Take 1 capsule of Nourkrin for women with water two times a day. The dose is already optimised and you shouldn’t increase it further. However, you can reduce it to just 1 capsule a day if your growth cycle is normal.


Nourkin have been making trichology products for a 20 years. The experts at Nourkin have formulated this using natural ingredients to ensure that no known adverse side effects will take place. The product has been tested in a double placebo study and no participants showed any side effects. It is always recommended that if you should see any ingredients you think may have an adverse effect on you, perform a small spot test on the back of your hand. If you are a coeliac you will be glad to know that the formula is completely free from gluten and the product should not create any irritation such as itching, flaking and dryness.


Ordering at HairCareTotal couldn't be easier. Simply click the 'add to basket' button and enter the simple checkout procedure. You will be prompted with multiple delivery and payment methods to choose form to suit your needs. If you order before 4.00pm you can receive your Nourkin for women the very next working day. All our packaging is discreet, so you won't have to worry about that. Join the millions of customers that have used this award winning new hair nutrition system today.

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Anon says:

I've been using this for a while now and my hair feels thicker and fuller - I'd recommend to at least try this product to see if it works on you, it worked on me!

megan says:

Love Nourkin, i don't like putting too many chemicals in my hair and this allows me to stop my thinning internally which i must prefer.

Grace says:

Amazing for hair thinning, I can't believe it actually works. it took a while but you have just got to persist.

Maria says:

Okay, worked for me but the price is a bit steep! I do enjoy not putting so many chemicals so near to my brain though.

Jane says:

Good programme, one of the better ones I have tried with some success.

Audrey says:

I wanted something to strengthen my hair roots to prevent loss. I was happy after using this product.

Gertrude says:

Women like us with busy lifestyles don’t tend to pay attention to whatvitamins and minerals our body needs and when we see hair loss we get panicky. That’s when supplements like Noukrin help.

Marlyn says:

It’s best for those who do not keep a track of their diet intake as this formula ensures your hair receives enough nutrition.

Andrea says:

If it is hailed by medical and cosmetic fields, then it’s a must- try. That factor attracted me to Noukrin and I can see the initial results already. My hair feels better already!

Jamie says:

A healthy option when compared to drugs which could further worsen the hair loss problem. The natural ingredients make the product tick.