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  • Revita.COR High Performance Conditioner Revita.COR High Performance Conditioner
  • Revita.COR High Performance Conditioner

Revita.COR High Performance Conditioner

Revita.COR Conditioner makes use of state-of-the-art hair stimulating properties to help your hair achieve best health. This ultra-premium conditioner delivers plant-based stem cells, protective compounds, nutritional compounds and advanced conditioning agents much deeper into your follicles and fibres so that your hair grows thicker, stronger and healthier.

  • Works to add body and volume to your thinning hair
  • Powerful key compounds are proven in clinical trials
  • Boosts follicle functions and improves scalp vitality
  • Ingredients penetrate deeper to work benefits
  • Ingredients work for up to 12 hours, even if you swim or sweat
  • Suitable for men and women battling hair loss and thinning issues
  • Easy to use- use as your regular shampoo
  • Order by 4pm on any working day to receive next day UK delivery

Revita.COR Conditioner is a top of the range, convenient and effective formula prepared by a dedicated team of scientists and innovators at DS Laboratories. With regular use of this conditioner, you can very easily achieve fuller and stronger hair beaming with good health.


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How does Revita.COR Conditioner work?*

hairloss phases

Revita.COR Conditioner is one of the most effective hair stimulating conditioners out there and its greatness is down to the carefully chosen ingredients it contains. These ingredients, work to improve 4 key factors essential to achieving healthy hair.

The plant-based stem cells included in this formulation stimulate hair follicle development, protective compounds (caffeine, ginseng, etc.) that help prevent further damage, nutritional compounds feed your follicles with the nourishment they need to grow thicker and stronger hair and, advanced conditioning agents help you achieve healthy scalp and strands. All these ingredients come encapsulated within hydrophobic microspheres that are bio-adhesive and cationically charged and therefore, the ingredients are able to penetrate deeper and persist to deliver benefits for longer. Specifically speaking, these spheres can stay for up to 12 hours to work up the results, even while you swim or sweat.

How do I use Revita.COR High Performance Conditioner?

Use Revita.COR Conditioner just how you would use your regular conditioner. All you need to do is wash your hair thoroughly with a good quality shampoo, preferably one without sodium laureth sulfate, like as Revita High Performance Hair Stimulating Shampoo. Afterwards, massage the conditioner thoroughly into your scalp and hair. Leave the formula on for about 2 minutes and then rinse. Your hair should be left with a soft silky feel when dry and the formula would of set into the scalp working on the issue at hand.

For best results, use the conditioner daily and to maximize hair follicle stimulation, you can also use complementary leave-in products from DS Laboratories, such as Spectral.DNC-S, Spectral.DNC-N and Spectral.RS on the side.

How soon can I expect healthy hair from using Revita.COR Condtioner?*

Revita.COR Working chart

If you use Revita.COR Conditioner on a daily basis, Revita have said that users experience initial conditioning benefits within just a few days. Significantly improved hair texture and a fuller appearance however can be experienced within a few weeks to months of use. Also, the time it takes to boost hair health is dependent on the severity of hair damage and hair thinning to begin with.

Who is best suitable for Revita.COR Conditioner use?

Any man or woman battling hair thinning and poor hair health issues can benefit from Revita.COR Condtioner. For best results, it is advised that you use this conditioner when you are just beginning to experience the initial signs of hair thinning and bald patches. Revita also recommend that you use the hair growth shampoo in unison with this conditioner for optimal results.

Ingredients in Revita.COR High Performance Conditioner

The key compounds included in Revita.COR Condtioner are-

  • Plant-based stem cells
  • Protective compounds: Apigenin, Caffeine, Ginseng, Nano copper peptides, Spin traps & Zinc gluconate
  • Nutritional compounds: Amino acids, Inositol, Lupine & Tyrosine
  • Advanced conditioning compounds: Biotinyl tripeptide-1 & Niacinamide

Is Revita.COR Conditioner safe to use?

In Revita.COR High Performance Conditioner, only natural ingredients known for their hypoallergenic and hair stimulating properties are included and therefore, the conditioner should not trigger any undesirable side effects and should be safe to use. However, to avoid any personal allergies, it is advised that you check the entire list of ingredients before starting to use the product.


Ordering at HairCareTotal couldn't be easier. Simply click the 'add to basket' and enter the checkout procedure. You will then be prompted with several delivery and payment methods for you too choose from. If you order by 4.00pm you can receive your product the very next working day. Why wait, join the thousands of people who have been using Revita to gain control back of their hair today.

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My hair has been slowly falling out and I needed something to stop it. I have tried serums and potions etc... but nothing. I then started using this with the conditioner and I have been slowly seeing a difference and less hair falling out. This product is great and I would recommend to anyone thinking about buying.

Good hair product, works very well with my other shampoos.

I love the smell and it has definitely helped over the 6 months I have been using it.

I have been through the worst of times with my hair loss but thanks to Revita.COR conditioner, my hair feel much better now.

I have been using Revita.COR conditioner with Revita shampoo for about 2 months now and the combo has fed my hair with great stuff! I lose hair only in normal amounts now and my hair are much thicker and fuller.

I have used this conditioner with my regular shampoo and it worked nicely for me and my hair fall has reduced majorly. Kudos to you guys on keeping a comprehensive selection of hair fall solutions!