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Flash & Go Luxx + Face 5K - 245K Luxury Hair Removal Device

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Put an end to that unwanted hair, The Silk’n Flash&Go Lux is an upgraded version of the popular Silk’n Flash&Go. It comes with more flashes per cartridge and an extra precision cartridge to offer you more accurate results. This unisex product is easy to use and comes with added benefits.

  • Fast results from the first treatment
  • Reduces and stops hair regrowth
  • Silk’n Flash&Go Lux comes with an added precision cartridge for accurate treatments
  • This laser hair removal device comes with more flashes per cartridge than the famous Flash&Go
  • Silk’n Flash&Go Lux can be used on any part of the body including face
  • Free next day delivery

Silk’n Flash&Go Lux is an FDA-approved device which has got clearance from many dermatologists and plastic surgeons as safe to use in your own home. Enjoy free or next day delivery when you order your revolutionary hair removal device today!

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What is Silk’n Flash&Go Lux?*

Silk’n Flash&Go Lux is a laser hair removal device which can be used at home like its predecessor Silk’n Flash&Go. This device is a more advanced version of the previous model and comes with more flashes per cartridge along with an extra precision cartridge to treat those small areas such as upper lip and bikini line where hair gets left out invariably.

Safe to use

Silk’n Flash&Go Lux in the UK has received FDA approval. Also, dermatologists and plastic surgeons have recommended the use of this laser hair removal device at home, so you can use it with confidence. Each cartridge has 5,000 flashes and the extra precision cartridge comes with an additional 1,000 flashes.

Silk’n Flash&Go Lux comes with cartridges which have skin sensors to ensure your safety. You should not use this device on freshly tanned skin or skin which has been recently exposed to sunlight.

How does Silk’nFlash&Go Lux work?*

Silk’nFlash&Go Lux in the UK operates with Home Pulsed Light (HPL) technology, which is able to penetrate deep into the skin and reach the hair follicles.

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While doing so, hair follicle gets disturbed without warming your skin. Thus, hair growth and the growth cycle gets disturbed. This technology was previously used in salons for hair removal purpose. However, Silk’n has been able to harness its power to suit the needs of home users while considering their safety and comfort.

The cartridges can cover a 4 square centimetre area, which means that you can treat larger areas in a short duration. For smaller regions, you can use the precision cartridge, which has been provided to treat smaller and more intimate regions.

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What will I get in my Silk’n Flash&Go Lux pack?

The box comes with:

  • Silk’n Flash&Go Lux device
  • Cartridge with 5000 flashes
  • Precision cartridge with 1000 flashes
  • User manual
  • Instructional DVD

How do I use this laser hair removal device?

Compare flashn go with luxx

All you need to do is simply point the device on the area that is to be treated,activate the laser then move to the adjacent area of skin to avoid multiple treatments on the same area. It is advised that you shave or trim the area you wish to treat prior to using Silk’n Flash&Go Lux. This is done to avoid affecting the hair follicle and also to enable the pulse of light to reach the hair follicle with ease. Avoid covering the same area twice during a single session.

How do I order for my Silk’n Flash&Go Lux?

In a few quick and safe steps, you can promptly place an order for Silk’n Flash&Go Lux for men and women on HairCareTotal. If you do so before 4pm on any working day you are also eligible to receive next day delivery. You can also start the checkout procedure by choosing the ‘Add to Basket’ button below.

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Jade says:

I love the precision cartridge which comes with this device. It is the best thing to treat all body parts.

Shannon says:

People should stop being scared of laser devices. They are painless and effective. I can say this after using this device which has considerably reduced my body hair.

Taylor says:

what’s most amazing about laser is it can get rid of hair from any part of your body including intimate regions. Silk’nFlash&Go Lux is the ideal device for anyone suffering from body hair menace.

Meredith says:

I had bought this for my daughter impressed with its features. She absolutely loves it and has been using it since a few weeks now. I can see a drastic decline in the amount of hair regrowth on her body. This is truly amazing! She can now relax from making frequent salon trips.

Erin says:

The precision cartridge is just an amazing addition to the previous version. It comes with more flashes per cartridge too. I was able to get rid of facial hair which was giving me a terrible feeling.