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The Silk’n brand became extremely popular after the launch of their one-of-a-kind SensEpil device, which helps to permanently get rid of hairs when used on a particular part of the body. Prior to this device, Intense Pulse Light technology was widely used in clinics and salons. So nobody really thought that a home-based device could offer any substantial results.

However, things soon changed when women started purchasing the devices. A new class of devices including the Silk'n Glide range became really popular offering the kind of results that you could normally only get from clinical treatments.

Silk’n Glide 50,000

Silk’n Glide 50,000

Looking for a quick solution to attain hair free skin? Silk’n Glide 50,000 is amongst the best devices...

Silk’n Glide 150,000

Silk’n Glide 150,000

Equipped with light pulses that could last years of use, the Silk’n Glide 150,000 is hailed as a...

Silk’nFlash&Go Lux

Silk’nFlash&Go Lux

If you need a permanent respite from unsightly body hair and are already tired of the regular methods such...


What kind of products Silk’n offers

Silk’n has a big range of products covering skincare and hair removal. Here at HairCareTotal we deal specifically in hair care and painless, cost effective hair removal. The most popular and effective options include, Silk'n SensEpil, Silk'n Flash&Go, Silk'n Flash&Go Lux and the Silk;n Glide varieties, which are all available from us.

What is so special about the brand?

Manufactured by Home Skinovations Limited, the devices from Silk’n are known for quality and state of art technology. Over 1 million people have purchased these devices across the globe and the products have also been featured in popular magazines and TV shows. From Allure to Vogue and Oprah to Dr. Oz, everyone is talking about Silk’n!