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Spectral.F7 60 | Hair Follicle Support


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What is Spectral.F7?*

Spectral. F7 is a revolutionary Astressin-B hair boosting agent that helps reverse the signs of hair thinning and hair loss. This formula works best when used to enhance the productivity of primary hair thinning and hair loss therapies like Spectral.DNC-N. When used as an independent formula, it works optimally to help thicken locks at the initial stages of thinning.

How does Spectral.F7 hair booster agent work?*

Spectral.F7 is a special formula prepared with key compounds that work to enrich your hair follicles, help support thinning hair, and help initiate thicker re-growth. Containing Astressin-B, a complex peptide (protein fragment), this formula works to curb chronic hair loss and initiate newer re-growth.

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It is also abundant in amino acids that help by speeding up hair growth, add extra body to the shaft and, regulate keratin production. In addition, contents like Prohalin-B4 and copper peptides, work to stimulate the growth process, activate follicle stem cells and prolong the life of scalp skin cells and keep them healthy. Best part, this formula is prepared with nanosome technology whereby, all the ingredients penetrate much deeper and work for longer and more effectively to deliver high performance.

Ingredients in Spectral.F7

Spectral.F7 is reportedly the first topical hair health booster to incorporate the potent peptide Astressin-B. In addition, other key compounds that give this topical hair booster its high efficacy rate are Amino acids, Proharin-B4, and Copper peptides.

Is there any specific way of using Spectral.F7?

Spectral.F7 works particularly well when used as a complement to primary hair thinning therapies, such as Spectral.DNC-N. To enhance the productivity of DNC-N or other potent hair loss combatants like minoxidil, spray 10 bursts of this solution 10 minutes after your morning application of primary therapy or, before your regular evening therapy. If you wish to use the product as a stand-alone solution to combat hair loss, use it at the early onset of thinning hair twice a day, preferably once in the morning and once in the evening.

Is Spectral.F7 hair booster safe for use?*

The peptides contained in this advanced formulation are well tolerated and do not trigger any undesirable side effects. Just stick to using the product as directed and you should not face any safety concerns. To further ensure safe use, check the contents of the formula before using the product to confirm you are not allergic to any of them.

Spectral-F7 treatment before & after

*Results vary from individual to individual


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I have been using Spectral.F7 with the DNC-N of the same brand for past two months and i feel safe to say, that my thinning hair are now completely reversed into thicker locks.

It works just as they say, it has improved the working of my primary hair fall therapy and my hair are much heavier and fuller now. This product has completely changed the way I feel about my hair and I am loving it!

I had been using minoxidil for past 1 month but unlike how others say, it did not work as effectively for me. But when i combined its use with Spectral.F7, the results of thicker hair became evident significantly.