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Theradome Laser Helmet Laser Hair Regrowth System


(24 Customer Reviews)

Clinical Strength, High Efficiency Laser for Hair Loss Treatment at Home*

Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) treatment is deemed as a highly effective treatment for hair loss, but until now you could only get this at premium hair salons. Also, the treatment cost is so high that it makes the therapy unaffordable for most people. But now, you can get the benefits of this advanced laser therapy in the comfort and privacy of your own home – thanks to the Theradome™ LH80 PRO Laser Helmet.

This laser helmet offers clinical-strength hair loss therapy at the push of a button. The device consists of 80 highly-efficient lasers that increase microcirculation in the scalp and hair follicles, accelerates the healing process and reduces inflammation – all of which are known to boost hair growth.

Laser Helmet for hair loss

The unique features of the Theradome™ LH80 PRO Laser Helmet

Theradome laser helmet specs
  • Custom-made laser diodes – Each laser diode is designed to ensure deep scalp LLLT absorption for maximum efficiency. Made of the highest quality material, each diode lasts 6,000 operational hours – means you can use the device 18,000 times.
  • Brilliant design – The device offers maximum scalp coverage allowing you to treat all areas at once. Lightweight and cushioned for comfort, the helmet fits 98% of the population. The cordless design allows you to move freely while using the device. No remotes, no cables – all it takes is touch of a single button and you are ready to go.
  • Automatic voice control – The inbuilt voice technology tells you about your session timing, treatment status, product status, battery charging and temperature warning. The device automatically shuts down after 20-minutes and voice reads out a countdown to monitor time.
  • Inbuilt proximity sensors – Thanks to these sensors the session only starts when the Theradome™ Laser Helmet is placed on the head.
  • Perfect for home use – Needs no prescription for use. This battery operated device delivers 5-7 high-dosage treatments on full charging. You can charge it using a USB charging lead via USB port or UK USB wall plug.

How does it work?*

The Theradome™ LH80 PRO Laser Helmet features Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) - a breakthrough technology for treating hair loss. Clinical studies have also shown that LLLT has the ability to reverse hair thinning and stimulates hair growth by:

  • Increasing blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles to allow cellular repair
  • Stimulating microcirculation for improving cellular metabolism and protein synthesis
  • Reducing protein-blocking enzymes to promote hair thickness and density

To know more about how the Theradome™ works, check out these videos:

hairloss in women chart

Is the Theradome™ LH80 PRO Laser Helmet for everyone?

Theradome™ is designed to work for all stages of hair loss in both men and women. But the earlier you start the better results you will get. You can check the images to determine which stage best identifies your situation.

If pregnancy has left your hair thin and brittle, you can use the Theradome™ to make your hair healthy again. But, pregnant and breastfeeding women are not recommended to use the device.

How soon can you experience results?*

According to the clinical testing done by the manufacturer, 90% of participants experienced thicker and fuller hair after using the Theradome™ LH80 PRO Laser Helmet.

  • First 4 to 18 weeks – You may experience a reduction in hair loss
  • Within 18-26 weeks of continued use – You may start getting thicker, fuller and more lustrous hair
  • Within 26-52 weeks of starting treatment – You can experience new hair growth

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i've been using other regain products for sometime now and although they haven't helped regrow new hair, it has stopped hair loss. since using Theradome i not have been able to stop hair loss but also increase hair growth. its a 5/5 from me.

the theradome has worked wonders for me. it was a slow burner to begin with but then it really does what its supposed to.

i have just received my helmet so will start using it now. i wanted to thank haircaretotal for the service. great customer service on the phone and very fast delivery. thanks

So easy to use and so much cheaper than salon sessions.

Although the initial outlay is a lot, it really is worth the money and much cheaper than other methods. i wear mine whilst watching tv, and it may look weird but no one will see me and i will get my hair back so its a win win for me.

it's a bit expensive but i've done my research and it's FDA cleared as well so I'm sure it will do the business.

I saw this on the Daily Mail and i did my research too. I spoke with a few friends and i have chosen to give it a go. I still had so many questions so i called up and the customer service rep i spoke with was so good. They were able to give me answers and were able to guide me through the buying and usage process.

Noticeably thicker hair! I've been looking for so many different hair loss solutions for the past 7 years. I came across theradome in an ad and i thought wow thats expensive! but i thought i would give it a crack as a last resort. Honestly it should have been the first thing i tried. After a few weeks of use i realised my hair doesn't seem to be as thing as it was. Further down the line i could start to see my hair growing back no word of a lie. I am truly amazed at the results and it is so worth the price. I feel younger, better and to go with my new hair i lost some weight. I feel so confident now.

Seems to be working very well. I've only been using it for a month but i have noticed improvements in my hair growth. I feel that my hair has extra volume and thickness. Its easy to use and well worth the money

When i saw this i was like daaaammnnn! thats expensive! My wife got mad when i first bought it but now she's completing my fresh new looking hair. Does exactly what it says on the box!

Just arrived today. Look forward to using it. Will let you know how it goes.

More hair today, hopefully more tomorrow.

I've been suffering from thinning hair for the last 12 years and its a complete nightmare. Theradome was a complete life saver. Even though my hair wasn't what it used to be its close enough. It stopped me from going bald and hair is now feeling great. What more could i ask for! Highly Reccomended!

I look silly wearin the theradome helmet but the treatment is so quick i dont have to sit there for al ong time wearing it thank god. its now been 1 month and my hair is incredibly thick and so far no hairs on the pillow in the morning.

no more hair falling, its been 1 week of using the helmet and i havent seen any hair falling since.

my girlfriend argued with me for about a week when she found out i spent almost 700 quid on a helmet for my hair, now she is appologising for the argument as its paid off and my hair is back to how it was, confidence levels up and feel like my girlfriend looks at me without thinking of my ugly head of hair

The theradome looks so stupid, but seriously do you care about what it looks like ? knowone will see you use it as the treatment time is only 20 minutes and recommended twice a week, its nothing!! dont be fooled by the price, you gotta pay to achieve great results. i love mine and i still use it even tho my hair has really improved in the last few months

if your unsure weather to buy this, BUY IT!! it really worked for me and if your persistant it will also work for you

this is the best gift idea i have ever thought of, my husband hated me for spending so much but the result have paid off.

10/10. highly recomend this product.

my daughter aged 4 saw me wearing this and thought i had turned into an alien, so if you buy this its good to know you can pretend your from space to your children and make them laugh, priceless

I am so thrilled. I can't explain the joy. My hair has been falling out for a couple of years due to and medications I take. I feared going bald. But this helmet is a savior. A must buy

my front hairline is growing and bald spot is gone. this is more than what i expected. this is amazing thing

It has just been 3 months and I am shocked to say that I am seeing little sprouts already. I wasn’t really sure it would work but now that I know this does, I would recommend it to all my friends