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Nature did not create all hair to be the same, that is why we offer a wide range of hair care products that cater to your individual needs. Just like other parts of the body, hair is sensitive to environmental damage, hormonal changes and hereditary effects. Without proper hair care treatments you are not only at risk of further damage but complete growth metabolism disruption.

At HairCareTotal, we believe that the goodness of nature and scientific technologies go hand in hand to reverse the damage caused to hair. That’s why our selected range deals with specific needs, combining some of the most renowned natural ingredients known to influence male hair health positively. These naturally formulated products for men support strengthening, shine, growth and a healthy scalp condition.

Similarly in the hair care for women range, each formulation and device has been selectively picked to deal with common and uncommon of problems, from hydration needs to nourishment and from damage repair to permanent hair reduction. Our treatments and products have a lot to offer.

Your hair needs to be nurtured the same way mother nature intended it to be. Try our selected ranges of hair care for men and women without the harmful chemicals, which often do more bad than good. HairCareTotal specializes in providing a natural growth experience through hair care products that work steadily for the results you have always wanted.