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About Us

About Us

We are fanatical about hair. Armed with specialist, clinically tested and natural products in our range, at HairCareTotal going the extra mile in finding your ultimate solution is what we do best. Whether it’s to preserve, protect, remove or enhance your hair, only the very top products reach our website; resulting in thousands of satisfied customers.

Hair concerns affect nearly everyone at some stage in their life. For some it’s too much in all the wrong areas, for others it’s not enough and for many, it just doesn’t look the way they want it to. At HairCareTotal we have made it our absolute mission to find a range of products for you that can really make a difference to your wellbeing, appearance and complete body confidence.

Looking after you

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As the saying goes, it’s sometimes the smallest things in life that can truly make the biggest difference; and it’s true. A few strands more of hair here and a few less there, shouldn’t be hard to achieve. At HairCareTotal it isn’t.

Trichologists, medical professionals and scientist’s opinions have all been taken into account for many of our products. This is great way of not only ensuring they are made from quality ingredients to provide the best natural hair care, but also that they actually do what they say. With professional views, year’s of research and an eye for the next genuine greatest hair care product, if you are serious about taking care of your hair issues, this is one place that will not let you down.

British men are the most likely people in Europe to agonize and fret about the appearance of receding hairlines and thinning hair, even though it affects around 50% of men. Hair removal has reached an all time high in recent years, with not only the armpits and legs being the main cause for concern, but also the back, intimate areas and face, which are fast becoming desirable fuzz free zones. If you are looking for a fast, painless and effective hair care method, HairCareTotal has got you covered.


Back in the days

Let's go back a few decades, hair care and grooming perhaps wasn’t the booming industry that it is today, but it certainly existed! With the likes of recommendations on how to brush your hair for a glossy finish, or creating hair ‘masks’ to prevent loss. Not to mention the numerous hair removal methods, dodgy shaving and debatable wax formulas.

Fortunately, with modern day advances we have incorporated in to our range and unique discoveries in technology, looking after your hair has been made so much easier, as well as a lot more effective. The demand to look fantastic and feel even better is greater than ever and finding the best product for you, whatever the concern, is essential.

Our promise to you

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Hair concerns aren’t always something you may want to share with others. We understand that the need for a fast, discreet and reliable delivery is essential and it is something that we continually provide for all of our customers on every single purchase. You can be rest assured that our complete range of payment methods is totally secure and very discreet. While our dedicated, friendly and qualified customer service team is on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Hair care isn’t just something you friend does, or your colleague or you mother and father. We believe your hair, how it looks, health and how it is treated deserves to get the best. Always.