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How to avoid ingrown hairs

Ingrown hair develops when the shaved hair gets trapped and grows back into the skin. It can not only be embarrassing and unsightly, but it can be really painful as well. Fortunately, there are ways that you can take to help prevent them.

If you have got ingrown hair, you already know how distressing it can be. Even if it doesn’t hurt, ingrown hair can look embarrassing and make you uncomfortable if it develop in areas like the bikini line and armpits. Once you get ingrown hairs then there are very few things that you can do to get rid of them. However, the good news is there are many ways that can help you avoid getting ingrown hairs. Let’s discuss these methods in detail:



It is probably the easiest way to avoid getting ingrown hairs. Before you plan to shave or wax unwanted body hair, grab a good exfoliating cleanser or scrub and remove all the dead skin cells of your skin. Dead skin cells increase the chances of ingrown hair as the hair follicle might get trapped under the skin if dead cells cover the outer layer of your skin. By removing dead skin cells, you make way for proper hair growth, hence preventing ingrown hair.

shaving cream

Use shaving cream

One of the most common causes of ingrown hair is dry shaving. When you shave without softening the hair, you need to move the razor very close to the skin to get all hair out. This leaves behind a sharp edge of hair, increasing the chances of ingrown hair. But when you use a shaving cream, it softens the hair and allows you to get a smoother shave without having to move the blade on your skin again and again.

wrong shaving technique

Adjust your shaving technique

The wrong shaving technique can increase your chances of getting ingrown hair. To avoid this, learn the right way of shaving. If you have heavy growth, then begin by trimming your hair with scissors. Once you are done trimming, wash the area with hot/lukewarm water to soften your skin. Now apply generous amount of shaving cream or gel and let it soak in your skin for some time. Begin shaving with a clean razor along the grain. Never shave against the grain. While shaving pull the skin tight and shave without applying pressure. When you're done, wash the area and apply lotion to soothe the skin.

electric razor

Ditch the blade

While shaving with a conventional razor can leave you with nicks, cuts and ingrown hairs, shaving with electric razors can be safer for your skin. Electric razors have a foil over them that creates a barrier between the skin and the blade. This makes it difficult to cut hair under the follicle, thereby preventing ingrown hair. With an electric razor you can’t get a close shave like you get with conventional blade, but for those who shave on a daily basis, the electric razor can provide great results.

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Use after depilatory creams and gels

Whether you shave or wax unwanted hair, there is always a risk of ingrown hair. To prevent that from happening, you can consider using after-depilatory creams and gels such as CC After Depilation Gel and Ultra Hair Away. Both these products provide optimum amounts of moisture to your skin while decreasing soreness and burning sensation. Using these creams and gels can also help prevent ingrown hairs.