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A Glance at the Best Ways to Stop Hair Loss

Hair loss can make most men and women hit the panic button. While balding can be a concerning situation, there are several types of hair loss that can be controlled easily. Here is how you can prevent your crowning glory.

In this appearance-obsessed society, hair loss can be a difficult problems to deal with (for both men and women). Looking at strands of hair on the bathroom floor, can make a person question his/her attractiveness. While some people learn to live with it, others demand change.

There are various the reason behind hair thinning and hair fall. It is inevitable to know about them before you think of treating the problem. Hair loss can be blamed a factors like heredity, deficiency of vitamin, stress or hormonal level. You can only decide the treatment for hair loss, after determining the cause. If you think your genes are to be blamed for your hair loss problem, it is better to check whether your family has a history of hair loss. If yes, chances are you are programmed for hair loss.

Let’s take a look at what are the best ways to stop hair loss:

Topical treatment for treating scalp

Treating your scalp is a good way of preventing hair from falling because healthy roots are the mainstay of healthy hair. Nourish the roots by massaging your scalp regularly with oil. Oiling your hair can give you a full head of hair. You can also use MInoxidil -based products like Foligain for Men that can stop hair loss within a few months of use. Foligain product is also available for women, but comes with 2% Minoxidil rather than 5% Minoxidil as in the product for men.

Devices to stimulate hair growth

You can use medical devices like HairMax LaserComb to promote hair growth. If you don’t want to use lasers, then consider taking hair regrowth supplement for promoting hair growth. Natural supplements work directly on root to stimulate growth and support healthy hair. Foligain for Women and Men can also be used to stimulate hair growth in a discreet, painless and convenient way.

Maintaining healthy diet is essential

In many cases, poor diet is the reason behind excessive hair loss. So, if you have been dieting lately, then it is time to eat balanced diet if you want a full head of hair. Include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet and protein rich food to promote hair growth. Food rich in vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acid, zinc, beta carotene and folate is considered good for healthy hair. So, gorge your way to a healthy diet for a lustrous hair.