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Can shampoos slow down hair loss?

The use of anti-hair loss shampoos is increasingly being seen as an effective way to slow down hair loss. But the simplicity of this solution often raises questions on its effectiveness. Can you really stop hair fall just by using a shampoo? Let’s find out.

As scientists still struggle to find a cure to stop hair loss, many innovative products are being introduced on the market for reducing the effect of hair loss to make your hair thicker and fuller. Anti-hair loss shampoos are one such innovation that has gained immense popularity among the masses. Buoyed by its ease of application, many men and women suffering from hair loss choose to pick a hair loss shampoo over other advanced solutions.

The choice usually makes sense as shampoos are cheaper and less invasive than any other medical procedure. Even the risk of anything going wrong is lower. But the simplicity calls into question the effectiveness. Can a shampoo actually slow down hair loss? If yes, then how?

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Let’s get real - A shampoo is after all, just a shampoo

It is not fair to expect for apples, when you are paying for lemons. It is unrealistic to expect anti-hair loss shampoos to give results that are comparable to more advanced and expensive products available on the market. One thing that is important to note here is – hair loss shampoos do work, but you need to buy the right one and keep your expectations realistic.

A shampoo with the right ingredients can slow down hair loss and give you fuller hair, but then it should be given enough time before you see visible results.

It’s the ingredients that matter

When we talk of anti-hair loss shampoos, we count on products that are scientifically formulated for dealing with hair loss. The popular shampoos that you find at your local grocery store don’t count as hair loss shampoos, even if they claim to stop hair fall completely. For a shampoo to qualify as anti-hair loss, it must be capable of performing the following functions:

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Slow down the production of DHT – Dihydrotestosterone, commonly known as DHT, is the main cause of hair loss. People experiencing hair loss usually have a high production of DHT. So, to slow down hair loss, a shampoo must be able to lower the production and build-up of DHT. For slowing down the production of DHT, a shampoo must contain anti-DHT ingredients such as nettle extract, saw palmetto, pumpkin seed oil and green tea.

Remove toxins and impurities – Dirt, pollutants, oil and toxins contribute to hair loss by blocking the pores. Hence, a hair loss shampoo must be capable of properly cleansing your hair and removing all the impurities. A shampoo can contain cleansers like tea tree oil, zinc and wild cherry bark extract.

Protect cells from free radicals – Free radicals induced by the environment can damage cell structures and even destroy hair follicles, leading to hair breakage. Antioxidants can stop free radicals from causing cell damage.

Other functions – An effective hair loss shampoo must also help repair damaged hair from the roots, while nourishing the scalp and boosting blood circulation. Ingredients that can help perform these functions include copper peptides, apple polyphenol, emu oil, caffeine, vitamin E and B-vitamin complex, and niacin.

Recommended hair loss shampoos

Now that you know what ingredients make an effective hair loss shampoo, it will be easier for you to pick the right product. But if you are still not sure, you can consider buying any of the following shampoos for reducing hair loss:

DS Laboratories Revita Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo

  • Anti-DHT action with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects
  • Contains anti-oxidants to protect cells from free radicals
  • Zinc, copper peptides, ketoconazole helps prevent hair loss
  • Caffeine and emu oil nourish the scalp and aid nutrient absorption
  • Contains ketoconazole – a molecule proven to boost hair regrowth

Revivogen Shampoo

  • Contains Saw Palmetto to inhibit the production of DHT
  • Enriched with Niacin to nourish the scalp and boost blood circulation
  • Also contains Silk Protein, Allantoin, Vitamin C, ALA and GLA

The Bottom Line

Hair loss shampoos can slow down hair loss if they can inhibit DHT production, remove toxins and impurities, protect free radical damage, nourish the scalp, and boost blood circulation. So, while picking anti-hair loss shampoos it is essential that you check the ingredients carefully. It is also important to remember that results may vary from person to person, so use the shampoo regularly for a few months to experience results.