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CC After Depilation Bikini Gel

Protects & Nourishes After Hair Removal

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CC After Depilation Gel Bikini is a product specially formulated for women to help maintain a trim and ingrown hair free bikini line. A blend of natural ingredients not only hydrates your bikini line, after shaving or waxing, but also decreases soreness and burning sensation.

  • Hydrates sensitive skin of bikini line
  • Soothes soreness and itching from razors
  • May prevent ingrown hairs
  • Provides a mild disinfectant

This cool gel has helped several women make the most out of their beach time. Regular use can boost bikini confidence. So, order it now from Hair Care Total to achieve your ideal look.

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CC After Depilation Bikini Gel

What is CC After Depilation Gel Bikini?

The pelvic region is one of the most sensitive parts of a woman’s body but when it comes to getting rid of hair in this region, seldom does anyone think about it even twice. Razors create burns and redness in the area, which can hurt you for a couple of days and so does waxing. Cobeco Pharma has found a practical solution to this problem combining natural ingredients with deep moisture benefits. CC After Depilation Gel Bikini can help you decrease the inflammation and keep the area smooth.

How do the ingredients work?

The primary benefit of the ingredients is to provide the optimum amount of moisture to your skin. After shaving or waxing, skin loses considerable amounts of essential moisture and requires it to repair damaged tissues. CC After Depilation Gel Bikini has a deep moisturizing agent, which penetrates deep into the skin layers. Other than that, this gel also has a mild disinfecting agent to combat itching almost immediately. Irritation is another factor the gel deals with. It does this by dissolving the protein structure in hair to reduce the chance of ingrown hair.

Applying the gel

Applying the gel is fast and easy. It only takes a few moments out of your day to apply. Smoothness benefits depend on the condition of your skin. With regular use, you may be able to experience difference in skin in a couple of weeks. Long-term benefits, however, may require more time for visible changes.

After shaving or waxing, you need to clean the treated area using a wet cloth. Let the area dry and then apply CC After Depilation Gel Bikini. The application should be continued for the next four days, and then you can reduce the application dosage to -3 times per week. When you shave the wax the area next, repeat this procedure.

The ingredients

The gel contains aqua, glycerine, triethanolamine and mentha oil piperita.

It has been added for its skin identical benefits, which means that it is almost identical to the natural moisture of human skin. It provides direct moisture to the skin making it more supple and smooth. Furthermore, it even protects skin against various irritants.
Mentha Oil Piperita
Mentha Oil Piperita:
This ingredient offers soothing benefits and is also an antiseptic in nature. Popularly known as peppermint oil, combined with other ingredients in CC After Depilation Gel Bikini, it can reduce itching and redness.
This is included in the formulation to enhance and amplify the effects of the Mentha Oil Piperita and the Glycerine. The glycerine enables that the Triethanolamine is more efficiently absorbed and the Triethanolamine helps the glycerine to be more efficient making the two ingredients perfect for one another in hair removal.

Safe to use

Although, there are no known severe side effects of this gel, you might still want to consider the risk of personal sensitivities to any of the ingredients. In case of uncertainty, you can consult a dermatologist first. However, avoid applying the gel on injured or broken skin. You should also avoid it in case of sexually transmitted disease such as genital warts. You may apply the gel to a small test area to check for any allergic reactions.

Who can use it?

CC After Depilation Gel Bikini has been formulated to help women get rid of the common post-depilation issues but that does not mean that it is not suitable for men.


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