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Commonly Practiced Bikini Hair Removal Methods

Bikini area, being the most delicate region in a female body, requires utmost care, especially when you remove hair off it. The two commonly used, easy and affordable methods to remove bikini hair are shaving and waxing. Read this post to know how these methods can help you maintain a smooth bikini line.

What summer is spent wholly if you do not lay sun bathing on the beach in your favourite bikini? In order to rock that look, a basic thing to do besides getting your body toned is to prepare your bikini region and make it hair free and smooth. Nobody likes the sight of curly hairs peeping through a skimpy bikini and therefore, it is important that you maintain it well. Pubic hair removal techniques are various and you may choose one over the other considering convenience, skin safety and cost factors.

The thing to keep in mind is that under that thick crop of hair, lays a super delicate skin and in order to unleash it, you must carry out the hair removal task with sheer care and choose the technique that suits your skin needs perfectly.

Following are the two commonly practiced hair removal methods that can be used to get rid of bikini hair.


Shaving is definitely the easiest, quickest, and cost effective method that you can do by yourself anywhere. To ease out the process and avoid in-grown hairs, prep your area before starting to shave. Trim the hairs with a pair of scissors and afterwards, soften the growths with warm water or, keeping the area wrapped for a few minutes with towel soaked in warm water will also prove helpful. Apply shaving gel or cream and leave it on for a few minutes. Now begin shaving with a clean razor.

A common con associated with shaving is that it cuts the hair off at the surface and does not detach it from roots. This can be problematic in two ways. First- it gives a rough stubble-like feeling and second- hairs do not remain short for a long time and grow back faster thereby, compelling you to keep shaving persistently. Moreover, it goes unsaid that nicks and cuts are bound to happen if shaving is not done carefully.


There are two types of waxing you can get done in your intimate parts- Bikini wax and Brazilian Wax. Bikini wax is suitable for those who do not wish to get rid of hair completely but want to keep a clean bikini line. Brazilian Wax on the other hand is for those who want to bare it all (you sure can tell the practitioner to leave hair in some attractive patterns if your want). This kind of waxing method is usually done for fully grown hair.

Waxing is definitely painful initially, but results are nevertheless long lasting. For best skin results, make sure to get it done at a salon with a skilful practitioner. Also, verify that all the facilities and materials used in your salon are hygienic and, be sure that only disposable wax strips are used. Pain is sure to follow but in case you find wax hot beyond tolerance level, inform the practitioner about it. If your skin is too sensitive, or if you are getting it done for the first time, your skin may turn red. Use ice to compress and soothe the area and wear cotton clothing that is comfortable and soft on your skin.

After depilation care

After you have gotten rid of the undesirable hair, you can extend the age of your hair-free and smooth skin by applying after depilation systems such as CC After Depilation Gel Bikini. This formula is specially formulated keeping in regard the super sensitive nature of bikini region. Furthermore, it acts as a mild disinfectant and helps you maintain an ingrown-free bikini line, hydrates your skin and, soothes soreness and itching sensation caused due to razors.