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120ml Spray | Hair Inhibitor Spray

Skin Doctors

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Skin Doctors Hair No More Spray is an innovative system to help reduce hair growth on any part of the body. It is made with natural hair inhibitors with soothing and moisturising ingredients. Simply spray on the targeted part of the body daily to start experiencing inhibition benefits.

  • Helps to reduce and inhibit hair growth
  • Aids in slowing down the hair growth metabolism
  • Works only on targeted area
  • To be used on face and body
  • Made with naturally-occurring ingredients
  • Contains botanical ingredients that deeply moisturise
  • Hypoallergenic

Hair No More Spray may decrease the frequency by which you have to use hair removal methods and gradually make hairs thinner and lighter till they disappear. Plus, Hair Care Total brings to you a genuine product promise along with fast delivery.

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What is Skin Doctors Hair No More Spray?

This product has been formulated to slow down hair metabolism, affecting the growth cycle of hair. Regular use of the spray may make hair thinner and lighter, increasing the time by which you have to shave, wax or use depilatory creams. Furthermore, Hair No More Spray works without damaging the skin tissue and has deep moisturizing and soothing benefits too.

How do the ingredients work?

Hair No More Spray contains natural plant enzymes that assist inhibiting the growth with deep follicle penetration. The topical solution simply suffocates the hair root influencing the cells known to support growth. The addition of antiseptic, astringent and moisturizing agents in Skin Doctors Hair No More Spray ensures that skin is silky smooth.

hair no more ingredient - urea
Its primary ingredients include urea, which plays an important role in engulfing the hair bulb while salicylic acid breaks down proteins of keratin in the hair.
hair no more ingredient - witch hazel
Another important ingredient is witch hazel known for its skin repairing benefits, plus, it may also help restore suppleness and softness while repairing any damage.
hair no more ingredient - Soy
Soy peptides have skin soothing benefits specifically for after-shave soreness and redness. Finally, hypercium offers much needed moisture to the skin.

How much time is required?

Hair No More Spray application

The results from Skin Doctors Hair No More Spray vary on an individual basis as everyone’s coarseness and quantity of hair will vary. Visible reduction in thickness require some weeks while full benefits can be seen from anywhere between 1 to 2 months. Initially apply the spray on a daily basis after shaving waxing and then reduce applications with time. When you shave or wax the next time around, simply repeat this procedure.


Hair No More Spray can be directly used on a desired part of the body followed by a gentle massage. For better results, clean the area with a soft cloth and do not apply moisturisers or aftershaves. Let the skin dry and then spray with a fine mist over the area.

Now massage the solution with fingers until fully absorbed. For the first couple of weeks, you can spray twice daily and later decrease the application to once a day. Make sure that you spray after depilation for better results.


The spray contains Water (Aqua), Propylene Glycol, Hydrolysed Soy Protein, Hypericum Perforatum (St John’s Wort) Extract, Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Extract, Arnica Montana (Arnica) Flower Extract, Urea, Alba (Willow) Bark Extract, Menthol, Salicylic Acid, Sodium Citrate, Imidazolidinyl Urea, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil And Xanthan Gum. All the ingredients sourced are high quality and are skin-friendly.

Safe to Use

Hair no more spray from skin doctors

Skin Doctors Hair No More Spray has no know side effects but you should go through the ingredients once to consider allergies or sensitivities. Furthermore, the solution should not be used on broken skin. A patch test can also help you determine any allergies.

Who can use it?

Both men and women can use the Skin Doctors Hair No More Spray on body and face apart from nose, ears, genitals and perianal parts.


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