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Home Based Devices for Convenient and Effective Body Hair Removal Sessions

Now get rid of unwanted body hair permanently using at-home devices that not only are relatively inexpensive but, also do not bear potential risks, which are commonly associated with laser permanent hair removal techniques.

Undesired body hair growth to women is as annoying as a small penis size may be to some men. While it is true that there are various hair removal options out there, it is also true that not all of them are convenient to adopt.

Some of the most commonly used methods for body hair removal include waxing, shaving, using depilatories such as hair removal creams or sprays, etc. While these options provide with instant hair removal, the most common demerit associated with them is that the results they deliver are not always satisfying and/or long-lasting. Also, considering the fact that the texture of hair differs from person to person, the efficiency of these products also vary.

However, there do exist super effective methods such as electrolysis and laser hair removal but, the cost they incur cannot be affordable to all. Therefore, considering the concerns of those who wish to experience laser-level results but, without bearing the side effects and heavy cost, there have been made available certain at-home devices that alongside providing thorough results at low cost, bear no potential risks apart from perhaps minor tingling sensation, which subsides after the session. However, if you experience severe sensations of any sort, discontinuing the use of the device instantly is generally advised.

While there are various at-home devices on market, products of Silk’n Home Skinovations are highly preferred considering their effectiveness and the safety quotient they come along with. One such highly useful and revolutionary invention from this company is of Silk’n Flash&Go.

So what really is this device?This product works by Home Pulsed Light (HPL) technology and is based on the principle of selective photothermolysis (a selective manner of targeting the melanin pigment present in hairs without damaging the surrounding skin tissues). It is deemed to be a revolutionary permanent hair removal device that provides you with hair free, smooth and silky skin while keeping your safety intact. Talking about safety though, those with dark complexions should avoid using it.

How does it help to remove unwanted body hair?As mentioned above, this device works by HPL technology and generates gentle pulses of light that when directed at the area to be treated, get absorbed by the melanin present in hairs. Eventually, the light pulses get converted into heat thereby, impairing the growth of such unwanted hairs and ultimately result in gradual yet effective permanent hair removal.

Some of the significant benefits you can enjoy from using this body hair removal device include-

  • Thanks to the selective phototermolysis principle it is based on, it is a safe and painless way to attain hair free skin.
  • A perfect permanent hair removal technique that works on all body areas and is light on your pocket.
  • Works by FDA approved technology.
  • Unlike laser, the technology used in the functioning of this device works using low levels of energy and hence, provides with minimal to no side effects.