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How do Home-Based Laser Devices Encourage Hair Growth and Curb Hair Loss?

The role of home-based laser devices in encouraging hair growth and curbing hair loss is increasingly becoming a widely discussed subject. Read further to know about the science involved in the working of these devices to promote good hair health.

While most of us are aware of the marvellous effect of laser body hair removal technique, not many of us perhaps know that the same technology can even be used in encouraging hair growth on scalp. It is one of the recent breakthroughs in the hair care industry and involves use of hand held devices to treat hair fall.

These devices use Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), which is based on a certain photo-biotherapy technique. While the exact mechanism as to how laser can trigger hair regrowth is not yet clearly known, it is believed that the low-intensity-laser-light-beams emitted by these devices stimulate hair follicles and increase energy production. This results in reactivation of dormant and diminished follicles- a process essential for a healthy regrowth to occur.

For hair loss victims, any solution that is safe, effective, convenient to use, and fast acting, is a blessing and these laser devices are specially created to provide with all these benefits. However, since there are so many such devices on market today, searching for a quality product can be quite challenging.

Therefore, to assist you in your hunt for the most quality products, we bring to you a couple of home-based laser devices that have gained wide acclaim for their ability to trigger hair regrowth effectively while keeping user safety and comfort intact.

HairMax LaserComb Lux 9

  • HairMax LaserComb Lux 9 and other laser combs of HairMax range are apparently the only ones to possess FDA approval as Class II medical devices.
  • This device uses compact version of large levels of laser units that are used in medical settings. It sports appropriately spaced out teeth and when the device is glided through the hair, these teeth part the hair and simultaneously, emit light energy to stimulate hair follicles.
  • As per the official website of this product, this device is clinically proven to energize hair follicles to promote growth of thicker strands. It also revitalizes your damaged strands and promotes increased density and fuller appearance.
  • Such high is the efficiency rate of this device at restoring lost hair health that apparently some doctors also recommend its use.
  • In case of this LaserComb you get an additional feature of a vibrating timer. When you place this device on to a particular scalp area, the timer buzzes after a certain few seconds (4 precisely) telling you to shift the device on to the adjacent area.

HairPRO Laser Hairbrush

  • According to HairPRO official website, it is an ISO certified and FDA recognized device with a CE certification. Thus, it would not be totally inappropriate to assume it as a safe and high quality product.
  • The unique feature of this device is that it uses LED Stimulating Therapy (LEDT) in combination with Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) to stimulate hair growth by providing maximum delivery of laser energy to the scalp.
  • It features 660 cold wide beam transmitters that cause full scalp penetration of laser energy.

In both devices, the recommended duration of use is of about 15 minutes spread out in three sessions per week.

These devices are largely safe to use and all they may cause is a slight tingling and itching sensation on your scalp, which usually subsides after the treatment. However, in order to ensure safe and maximum results, make sure to use these products just as recommended in the user guide.

The above explained devices prove the capability of modern science in treating chronic hair loss issues effectively and speedily. However, no invention can be great enough to put the power of nature in combating health issues, which also include poor hair quality, in doubt. Therefore, for best results, a perfect balance must be maintained between use of such home based devices and healthy diet and lifestyle.