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How Frequently Can I Use Natural Shampoo for Hair?

Though the desires of sporting clean and oil free hair that beams with good health is unanimous, the concept of how frequently should one wash their hair to achieve such hair health still remains disputed and varied. Read on to know more.

No woman or man sporting smelly and dirty hair would feel fit and confident as an element of society and hence, for most people the key to fresh and bouncy tresses lies in regular washing of hair. So, should you too wash your hair quite often to keep it clean? This is a question with no definite answer as the choice of washing hair frequently or rarely is really a matter of personal preference.

What is even more perplexing is the fact that even dermatologists and trichologists do not stand by one same opinion, while some say frequent shampooing should be avoided as it leads to over production of sebum, others say frequent shampooing is necessary to prevent sebum from blocking pores on scalp which ultimately may lead to an acne breakout.

However if we rewind our clocks a bit, we would realise that the concept of frequent (twice or thrice in a week) or daily shampooing is relatively new because in the mid-20th century, women engaged in weekly washing and styling of hair, all of which was done at salons and their hair survived just fine. The concept however, is gradually returning and most salons are advising their customers to adopt weekly shampooing rather than doing so daily.

Fortunately for those who are afraid of losing the natural nourishment of their hair to rigorous, frequent shampooing but also dread oily and smelly hair, there are quite effective alternate natural options available. Natural shampoos for hair, being all-safe remain mild on hair and possess no significant harm. Hence, herbal shampoos can be used as frequently as desired.

There are several herbal shampoos made available on market and hence choosing one best can sure be testing as a customer. One renowned natural product is Revivogen Shampoo, which is an effective solution formulated with herbal extracts and plant proteins. Known to fight out hair thinning and hair loss issues, it can easily be used as a substitute to your regular shampoo.

There are also certain anti-shampoo methods such as using dry powder products to keep your hair and scalp oil-free by absorbing excessive of natural oils and the dirt remnants caught amidst your tresses and on scalp can be removed by blotting with cheesecloth before being combed out.

Use of baking soda coupled with a raw egg and lemon juice for rinsing is a proven, effective natural way to keep your hair clean and oil free without requiring you to wash them up. Hence, the choice to keep hair clean is unanimous but the ways to achieve clean, oil-free hair remain disputed. But out of several ways, natural remedies and shampoos are definitely safer options to keep your hair dirt and oil-free.