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Iconic hair styles of all time – 18 hairdos we can’t forget

Looking for inspiration for your new hairdo? Check out the most iconic hairstyles from the past and present that are still incredibly sexy and in vogue.

Trends come and go, but some trends have lasting power. These trends become iconic; they last even after the celebrity who made them popular has faded. In the past we have seen many trendsetting hairstyles – some bad, some good and some that became a style statement. There are few hairstyles that we can never forget; they have been copied and re-interpreted millions of times, but their beauty is timeless. Here we count down most of the iconic hairstyles that are still powerful and incredibly iconic.

iconic jennifer aniston hairstyle

1. Jennifer Aniston – The 'Rachel' cut

We still love all the hair styles of Jennifer Aniston, but nothing was more coveted than the ‘Rachel’ cut. Jennifer got the cut in 1994 to play Rachel Greene in the American sitcom Friends. Though Jennifer considers the ‘Rachel’ cut as the ugliest haircut she has ever had, the cut was widely imitated by women across the world.

2. David Beckham - Faux Hawk

Whatever Beckham does with his hair, the world follows. The LA Galaxy footballer made the Faux Hawk popular in the early 2000s. The stunningly sexy hairstyle was derived from the Mohawk. While the Mohawk is a style in which long-length crest sprouts from a shaved head, the Faux Hawk is a more convenient and less radical variant in which short-length crest runs from front to back on the top of a non-shaved head.

david beckham hairstyle
iconic hair styles for men and women

3. Audrey Hepburn - Breakfast At Tiffany's beehive

It has been almost half a century but the world can’t seem to forget Audrey Hepburn’s Breakfast At Tiffany's character, Holly Golightly and her beehive. The image of Audrey Hepburn with her dark hair piled up while she is sitting on a table holding a cigarette holder made her the poster girl for the bouffant up hairdo.

4. Princess Diana – Feathered pageboy cut

Clean, feminine and effortless – words that best describe the classic tapered haircut that Princess Diana wore for the most part of her years in the public eye. Her signature hairstyle was the most preferred choice among women with short hair in the 1980's. Although years have passed, her basic short feathered shape haircut still look as elegant as ever.

princess diana hairstlye
rihannah iconic hairstyle

5. Rihanna - The undercut

Who thought half shaved heads can look feminine? But Rihanna made it a style statement. She did it in 2012 and now many A-listers are flaunting their own version of the undercut. A deadly combination of fierce and glam, the undercut hairstyle is created by shaving the head partially on one side and letting your waves flow waves on the other. If you want to rock this look, you definitely need a lot of courage and confidence.

6. Marilyn Monroe - Blonde curls

Marilyn's white-blonde curls are something every woman wishes to flaunt. The style has been imitated not only by the girl-next-door but also by many celebrities including Madonna, Anna Nicole Smith, Gwen Stefani and Scarlett Johansson. Need we say anything more about the sex appeal of this memorable hair style?

marilyn monroe hairstyles
Justin beiber iconic hairstyle

7. Justin Bieber – Short Sides, thick top

The quiff hairstyle is back in trend, thanks to Justin Bieber. Shaved on the back and sides, and thick and floppy on top, this hair cut is effortlessly stylish and makes a cool choice for men of all ages. With One Direction star Zayn Malik and footballer Olivier Giroud also sporting the look, Bieber style is definitely becoming iconic.

8. Elvis Presley – Pompadour

When we name hair legends for men, Elvis Presley tops the list. The singer’s iconic pompadour hairdo drove the ladies wild in 50s and inspired many young men to imitate it for a trendy rock style. The pompadour, which involves combing the hair upwards into a roll at the front of your head, has since then been revived by men looking to flaunt a bad-boy look.

Elvis presley hairstyle
iconic hairstyles the beatles

9. The Beatles – Mop Top

Their music topped the charts in early 60s; their influence on rock music is still immense; but what made them a bigger part of popular culture was their haircut – Mop Top. It was imitated worldwide between 1964 and 1966. The popularity of the hairdo was so high that toy manufacturers began producing real-hair and plastic "Beatle Wigs".

10. Halle Berry – Pixie cut

No one carries the pixie cut better than Halle Berry. It’s short, smart and low maintenance, just the way most modern women like. After Halle Berry popularized the pixie, many Hollywood divas including Anne Hathaway, Emma Watson and Charlize Theron have gone for the chop.

pixie cut halle berry
john trovolta iconic hairstyle

11. John Travolta – Grease quiff

Grease featuring John Travolta as Danny Zuko had everything that a smash-hit movie should have – romance, peppy dancing numbers and an iconic hairstyle. Travolta’s greasy quiff that looked slicker than an ice rink made girls go weak in their knees and boys rushing to hair salons.

12. Victoria Beckham – The 'Pob'

A hair cut that gave the ‘Rachel’ tough competition was Victoria Beckham’s ‘Pob’. From Spice Girl to a successful designer to a mother, Posh has flaunted many hairdos but nothing was as trendy as the ’Pob’. Victoria first spotted the cut in 2006 and then just kept refining it with each passing year.

vicoria beckham hairstyle
iconic eminem haircut

13. Eminem – Bleach blonde

Rap star Eminem has been a trendsetter. He made the world follow his music as well as his style. His bleached blonds have inspired many young men, including the very famous Justin Bieber.

14. Sarah Jessica Parker – Messy curls

If untamed tousled hairstyles are your thing, you can thank Sarah Jessica Parker who made them a style statement as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City. Loose sexy messy waves that personified Carrie in the sitcom are still extremely flattering and can be easily created at home by anyone.

sarah jessica parker iconic hairstyle
bob marley hairstyle

15. Bob Marley – Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks have been worn by ethnic groups across the world, but no one wore them better than Bob Marley. As his songs spread reggae all over the globe, men and women alike started adopting his hairstyle. The twisted coils of hair soon became a fashion statement and synonymous with Marley.

16. Michael Jackson - Jheri curls

While the world was obsessed with Michael Jackson's dance steps and singing, there were many who followed his hairstyles religiously. Jackson sported many hairstyles during his life, but it was Jheri curls that became iconic. He allowed his Jheri curls to hang over his eye that made them a trademark.

amy winehouse iconic hairstyle

17. Amy Winehouse – Beehive

Only a few women have been able to buzz the hairstyling world with their beehives and Amy Winehouse is one of them. Beehive hair became synonymous with the late singer. Although many yesteryear stars sported beehives but it was Amy who brought it back with a bang.

18. Farrah Fawcett – Golden flicks

The 1970’s fashion icon Farrah Fawcett was admired by men for her athletic figure and sex appeal and by women for her layered haircut and its ‘flick’. Millions of women copied her hairstyle and it became so popular that it came to be simply known as ‘The Farrah’.

Iconic hair styles