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All You Need to Know About Skin Doctors Hair No More Products

When it comes to looking for effective yet safe to use hair removal solutions, Skin Doctors Hair No More products such as the Hair No More system, are definitely amongst the best ones on market. Read further to know more on the same.

Thanks to Skin Doctors Hair No More Products, those exasperated of trying temporary hair removal solutions and too reluctant to go through extreme ones like laser hair removal and electrolysis can take a sigh of relief now.

These products are naturally formulated and apparently amongst the most simple to use depilatories that alongside giving you a salon like hair removal painlessly and effectively, also nourish your skin and gradually work towards complete inhibition of undesired body hair growth.

Following is the description of the natural and truly effective hair removal system offered by Skin Doctors.

Hair No More System

Containing a hair removal cream and a hair-inhibitor spray, the Hair No More System pack sure offers a comprehensive hair removal action.

Cream: Containing Calcium Thioglycolate as a key content, the cream acts as a depilatory that when applied, works by instantly breaking down keratin (proteins that build up hair) to remove hair.

Know how to use it:

  • All you have to do is apply an even layer on the skin area you wish to remove hair from.
  • The leave-in time of the cream depends upon the coarseness and the density of body hair however, 5 minutes are generally considered sufficient for body use and 2 minutes for face.

Spray: The inhibitor spray being a potent formulation of naturally occurring ingredients, works to slow hair growth by penetrating deep into the follicles to retard hair growth at the cellular level.

Alongside serving as an effective body hair inhibitor, it acts as an antiseptic, natural moisturizer and a healing agent. The initial benefits include reduced, sparser and finer hair growth and with regular use, one may experience permanent reduction or inhibition of the hair growth.

Know how to use it:

  • After removing body hair with help of Skin Doctors hair removal cream, clean the area with a soft damp cloth and let it dry.
  • Afterwards, spray a fine mist of the spray over your skin and gently massage to encourage through absorption of its contents into your skin.
  • For first two weeks, you can use the spray twice daily and with time, reduce the application to once a day.
  • Use the spray post depilation to enjoy maximum results.

Safety quotient associated with the system

  • Being formulated with naturally derived ingredients, this Skin Doctors Hair No More Product should be a safe to use. However, it is generally suggested to do a patch test first in order to check if your body reacts normally to the formula or not.
  • In addition, make sure that this product may not be safe to use on delicate areas such as breast nipples, nose, ears, genitalia and perianal parts.

Offering hair removal benefits as attractive as the ones mentioned above, Skin Doctors system is rapidly becoming a popular choice and many have started to see it as the perfect alternative to salon based laser hair removal treatments that remain a costly affair.