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How to Use the Unique Hair Building Fibers to Make Hair Look Naturally Fuller?

Are your thinning gaps making you think of hair transplant as the only effective option to restore lost hair on your scalp? You may want to put your thoughts on hold as there is one product on market that can instantly add body to your thinning strands and that too safely. Read further to learn how you can use this product to gain the desired benefits.

KeraFiber is a popular name in the hair care industry and its immense popularity is the direct outcome of its range of instant hair thickening products. The star feature of all of the hair health promoting products of this brand is the fact that these use natural keratin as one of the active ingredients. For those unaware, keratin is a protein of which our hair strands are made. Therefore, being induced with this natural protein, KeraFiber range of products help in increasing the strength and thickness of your locks thereby, reducing the area of bald patches on your scalp that appear as a result of thinning strands.

While hair thickening shampoo and conditioner of this brand are just as easy to use as other such solutions, its products such as KeraFiber Hair Building Fibers, though being easy to use, require certain steps to be followed so that you experience quality results.

Before we jump to learning the methodology of using this product, it is important to know the certain important details about the product and thickening benefits it provides with.

  • It is essentially a light powder made of all-natural keratin and serves as an instant solution to accomplishing thicker locks.
  • These Building fibers are charged with static electricity, which means that when this powder is applied to your hair, come what may, the added fibres stay stuck to your strands thereby, increasing the dimension of your locks. The thus increased thickness of your hairs diminishes the appearance of the bald patches. The transformation in hair appears completely natural and stays so for all day and night.
  • What’s more, these fibres come in 9 different shades so that you can find your perfect match. However, if none of the 9 shades suits your hair colour type, you can always try mixing 2 or more hues to create an accurate match.
  • This product is a much convenient, safer, cheaper and seemingly even more effective alternative to other hair restoration options such as hair transplant surgery, which is not trusted to give the natural look rather, holds potential to trigger undesired side effects. Some also find it a better option over hair growth pills that take much longer to produce results.
  • Best feature, this product, just as other products belonging to the range of KeraFiber, delivers benefits without triggering any potential side effects.

To gain all the above mentioned benefits from using this product, it is important to use it optimally. Following points can guide you over the same.

  • Prepare your hair by washing them and afterwards, dry them out to ensure easy application.
  • Shake the bottle of the product to liberally sprinkle its contents over any gaps that may be appearing on your scalp because of the reduced dimension of your original locks. While you do this, try dispensing the fibres by holding the bottle at 45 degrees and about 3 inches above your thinning gaps.
  • After, a liberal amount is applied, gently pat out the sprinkled fibres to ensure these are evenly dispersed all over your scalp and hair.
  • Once you get used to the sprinkling and the patting act, the whole session will take only 30 seconds of your time to show up instant results of thicker locks and reduced gaps.
  • While it is true that these fibres stay bonded with your strands for all day and night and under all kinds of adverse conditions (sweat, rain and wind), you can further secure this bond by using KeraFiber Hair Spray. All you need to do is spray 3-4 short bursts of this spray over your hair right after applying Building Fibers.
  • You can either just leave the contents of the spray to settle in by themselves or you can brush them through to accomplish an even more natural look.
  • When you want to remove the fibres off your hair, simply wash them off with a quality shampoo and conditioner, preferably of the same brand. This way you can simultaneously work on experiencing long lasting benefits of restored hair thickness.

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