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Multiple ways to prevent ingrown hairs after shaving

Did you know that there are easy ways to fix ingrown hairs? Natural sprays to inhibit hair growth can help resolve this condition usually resulting from inappropriate shaving and waxing techniques.

Sometimes you may have got rid of hair on your legs or hands but may have been greeted with redness, irritation, and bumps. These are called ingrown hairs which happen when the end of hair shaft is shaved very low, curling back into the same follicle as it grows. This results in an inflammatory response which includes redness, itchiness, or infected area. But there are ways to prevent them and now ingrown hair treatments are available to help get rid of pesky red bumps going ahead.

Preventive techniques to follow during shaving:

Prepare your hair before your shave:

Hair which is dry and brittle is harder to shave than one which is wet and pliant. Due to this reason, it is helpful to wet hair before shaving and to use a shaving cream for lubrication, which helps the razor to slide over easily. It is advised that you shave in the shower or after you have moisturized your hair. Lubricants are specifically developed to make shaving easier and to prevent razor burns and ingrown hairs.

Use proper technique:

Shaving with the proper technique can help in reducing ingrown hairs. The right way is to shave in the direction of growth. Observe the angle of growth and shave in that direction. If you have to shave against the direction of growth, make your first pass a shave with the grain and then go against very lightly and carefully.

Shave using the right tools:

Using the right blade and applying the right pressure is helpful in preventing razor burn. Contrary to the popular belief, you don’t need multiple blades to get a decent shave. Many people believe that a single sharp blade is better than a multi-blade head because it cuts through hairs instead of tugging and cutting. Use a sharp blade and change blade after every 5 uses. Rinse the blade after each pass so as to avoid more hair and skin does not get caught in your razor blade and increase the likelihood of cutting yourself.

Another simple method that can help you prevent ingrown hairs is with the use of Ultra Hair Away inhibitor spray, which needs to be applied after shaving or waxing. The formula helps reduce hair growth with the help of its ingredients which work to disable hair follicle cells and inhibit hair metabolism with regular use.