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Top 4 Natural Male Hair Loss Solutions

It is not uncommon for men to suffer with male-pattern baldness. The common fixes for hair problems in men are no different than those in women and chiefly revolve around a healthy diet and lifestyle habits. However, there are certain men-specific hair loss solutions on market that can help them further boost their hair health and reverse hair thinning issues.

Receding hairline, thinning hair and bald patches are signs of severe hair loss and if you too are experiencing these symptoms, chances are that you are on road to a condition called male-pattern hair loss. It is said that male pattern baldness accounts for about 95% of hair loss cases in men. Baldness in men is acquired genetically. Despite though, it is not necessary that if your father started to go bald in his 30s, you too will have to bear the same. Even if you have the baldness gene, your regular diet overall lifestyle and some natural remedies can at least slow down your hair loss and promote thicker re-growth. In terms of diet, you should ensure you eat food rich in hair-essential nutrients and in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is important that you control your stress levels, exercise regularly to encourage healthy blood circulation, and get sufficient sleep to maintain good hair and overall health.

In addition, to support your hair health promoting efforts, you can always take up the help of some well-trusted and known effective natural supplements and other hair loss combatants. Some of such natural male hair loss solutions that are well in demand for their high efficacy are-


An easy to apply formula, Foligain for men contains the recommended 5% minoxidil concentration. Minoxidil is a compound respected for its ability to remarkably trigger thicker hair re-growth and curb hair loss. In fact, a clinical study has shown that almost 80% of minoxidil users experienced positive results. In order to enable you to enjoy maximum minoxidil benefits, this foam-based formula contains propylene glycol, which aids in spreading the formula evenly through your scalp and hair.

Provillus Supplement

This natural dietary supplement for men is a powerhouse of hair-essential nutrients and herbs. Provillus supplement works to improve blood circulation throughout your scalp so that nutrient-rich blood can reach your hair follicles to initiate healthy hair-growth process. Moreover, this supplement is also carefully formulated to combat excess DHT build up- another common trigger for hair loss in men.

Profollica Daily Shampoo

Shampooing your hair is probably the most convenient option and therefore, shampoos formulated specifically to combat hair loss are high in demand. One of such shampoos, Profollica, is specially formulated to combat signs of male pattern hair loss. It does so by revitalizing and awakening the dormant hair follicles to trigger new re-growth and, by clearing out any dirt, excess DHT and excess sebum production. In a nutshell- Profollica daily shampoo for men helps you achieve a healthy scalp environment so that healthy re-growth can occur. Use this shampoo in combination with the Profollica stimulator gel and daily supplement regularly for maximum and fast-paced benefits.


Another hair loss supplement, TRX2, unlike the products explained above, can be used by both sexes. Containing a blend of potassium, BCCA, Nicotinic acid and carnitine-L-tartrate, this supplement restores the functioning of potassium channels in hair follicles. As the potassium channels function properly, essential nutrients travel through the channels easily and promote optimum follicle environment for healthier re-growth of new hair.

The hair loss products for men explained above work over a period of months to trigger lasting benefits and therefore, require you to continue the supplementation patiently and regularly. Furthermore, one should also understand that no marketed supplement is solely enough to work the benefits and therefore, a healthy diet and lifestyle must be maintained alongside. However, if you are looking for instant hair thickening products, KeraFiber Hair Building Fibers (for both, men and women) can help you fill up the bald patches naturally in a matter of few minutes.

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