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Laser and Electrolysis Techniques for Permanent Hair Removal

Out of several hair removal solutions on market today, laser hair removal and electrolysis are two well-known scientific techniques to get rid of undesired body hair permanently. Read further to know more about these two much sought after techniques for permanent hair removal.

Undesired body hair growth to a woman is as bothering as small penis size is to a man. While it is true that there are various ways to get rid of body hair, it is also true that not many of them are proven to keep our bodies hair free for a long time.

Thanks to the emergence of science as body hair battler though, there have been made available techniques that can help you get rid of unwanted body hair entirely and permanently. The two best technology based techniques that can help you get rid of undesired body hair permanently are laser hair removal and electrolysis technique.

Let us find more about how these two scientific ways help us in permanent hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal

Definitely one of the most popular techniques, laser hair removal involves passing of energy in form of laser or pulsed light which is made to travel through hair shaft to damage the hair follicle at its root.

Amazingly enough, one does not necessarily need to go to a clinic to get the laser treatment done as there are also various home-based laser technology products on market that offer permanent results over time. Silk’n Flash & Go Lux is one such product which provides you with the desired results at the convenience of your home.

A couple of things you should know about while considering laser technique are:

  • Following the treatment, the hair does not immediately come off but weakens and falls over time due to its damaged root.
  • The treatment gives best results when done on light skin with dark hair. It does not work effectively on blonde hair and does not work at all on white hair. This technique also does not serve any benefit on dark complexioned people.


Electrolysis is by far the only hair removal technique which is permanent in real terms. Constantly evolving since its first reported use in 1875, the technique involves insertion of an extremely fine, sterile filament through hair follicle to reach at the base of the hair root. A mild electric current is passed through this filament by a gentle electronic device. The current is directed at the root of the hair where the hair germ cells are destroyed and the hair growth is thus inhibited permanently.

However, considering the sophistication of the procedure, candidate must know that electrolysis is a time consuming process as it targets one hair follicle at a time.

Besides scientific ways, there are several natural body hair removal solutions but whether or not these solutions provide permanent results is still disputed. Hence, an increasing number of women today are considering scientific options as they promise definite results. The aforementioned are two most sought after scientific ways that have proven their worth as permanent hair removals. However, it is of utmost importance that one must be well-informed before going under any of such technology-based procedures.