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ProFollica Revive Daily Shampoo

With TRICHOGEN® & Jojoba


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Profollica daily hair loss shampoo is a breakthrough way to help keep your hair and scalp healthy and free from any dirt, excess sebum and DHT, which is a common cause behind chronic hair loss. Specially created to act as a hair support system for men battling male pattern baldness, this daily shampoo has a lot to offer. For maximum benefits, use this gentle formula daily and complement its use with the hair stimulator gel and daily supplement from the Profollica range.

  • Cleanses your hair and scalp
  • Aids in removing excess dirt, sebum and DHT
  • Enhances good scalp and hair health
  • Helps reduce hair loss and reverse the signs of thinning hair
  • Assists your hair in achieving its optimal 8% moisture level
  • Plays a vital role as a part of Profollica system with stimulator gel and supplement
  • Order by 4pm on any working day to receive next day UK delivery

Use Profollica as your daily cleansing shampoo and enliven your overall hair appearance with this potential formula easily and conveniently. So why wait longer? Join the many satisfied users of this hair loss shampoo today and place your order soon to enjoy some exciting offers like next day UK delivery.

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How does Profollica hair loss shampoo work?*

When the formula is applied and massaged thoroughly into the scalp, it awakens and revitalizes the inactive hair follicles and clears out prevailing dirt. Moreover, this hair loss shampoo controls excess sebum and DHT production on your scalp thereby, promoting good scalp health so that hair fall reduces and thicker re-growth begins.

Who can use Profollica?

Profollica hair loss shampoo is especially created to combat hair loss in men by promoting good scalp health. Men battling male pattern baldness, a condition which accounts for more than 95% of all male hair loss cases, can use this shampoo to support their overall hair health.

How to use hair loss shampoo

How do I use this hair loss shampoo?

Profollica does not have any specific user guidelines and can be used just as any other shampoo. Simply apply a liberal amount of the hair loss shampoo on your wet hair and scalp. Massage thoroughly from root to tips and let the formula rest on your scalp for thorough absorption for about 30 seconds before you rinse it off. For best results, after shampooing, apply hair stimulator gel of the same brand through your hair and use Profollica natural dietary supplement on the side.

Does Profollica trigger any side effects?

Profollica hair loss shampoo is not known to trigger any unwanted side effects. Just use it in the right manner and you are sure to experience benefits. To ensure further safer use, check the list of ingredients before buying the shampoo. This will help you know in advance if you are allergic to any of the contents.

How do I order my Profollica Daily Shampoo?

Placing order with us requires just minutes and is simple. To get started, click on the “Add to Basket” option and proceed as directed. Also, remember that in order to benefit from the next day UK delivery offer, your order should be placed with us before 4pm on any working day.