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Products in Profollica Range for Male Hair Loss

Male hair loss is definitely the most common type of hair loss in men. The only way to cause a lasting reduction in hair loss and reverse hair thinning is to maintain good diet and lifestyle habits. However, to further support your hair health promoting efforts, there is Profollica range of hair loss products for men.

Contrary to our fathers’ generation, which did not experience major signs of male hair loss until their 40s, young men of today are progressing towards baldness as early as in their 20s. The major factor responsible for male hair loss in young men is more to do with the way they lead their lives than genetics. Sure, genetics is a key trigger for hair loss however; your lifestyle choices can do the major damage. Therefore, even if hair thinning runs in your family, you can definitely slow down the hair loss by setting your lifestyle right. It is said that getting 7 hours of daily sleep, increasing water intake to up to a glass every hour, and eating protein-rich foods regularly can prove beneficial by up to 80%.

But, some male hair loss cases may need more than just proper food and improved lifestyle as probable solutions. Here comes in the role of certain products such as those belonging to Profollica range that are formulated to address hair loss needs specifically in men. Profollica range for male hair loss consists of a daily shampoo, stimulator gel and a nutritional supplement. This triple action solution when used as a support system to a healthy lifestyle and diet can reverse poor hair health issues in men effectively.

The Daily Shampoo

It is different from your regular shampoo for the fact that it is prepared to combat hair loss signs in men specifically. It promotes a healthy scalp environment by clearing out excessive sebum production, dirt and DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) build-up around hair follicles. Thus, it combats all the common triggers that make your hair weak and disable normal functioning of your hair follicles. In order to experience significant and fast-paced benefits, it is advised that you use this shampoo daily and with the stimulator gel and supplement, explained below.

The Stimulator Gel

Profollica Stimulator Gel for men is an advanced formula prepared using natural extracts and other hair essential nutrients to restore lost hair health. Regarded by many as the breakthrough formula for hair loss, it works best as a complement to daily shampoo and supplement from the Profollica range. All you need to do is apply the formula through your scalp and damp hair and leave it on to work benefits. The contents stay undetected in your hair while simultaneously working to clear out DHT and stimulating dormant follicles to re-grow thicker and healthier hair.

The Nutritional Supplement

Another potential blend of hair-essential nutrients and certain herbs, this supplement too combats the root cause of male hair loss- DHT and normalizes sebum production while working to benefit overall hair health. Taking recommended dosage of Profollica supplement daily can get you thicker strands shining with good health.

To gain maximum hair health benefits from the Profollica range for men, it is recommended that you

  • Wash your hair daily with Profollica shampoo and afterwards, apply stimulator gel through your damp hair. Leave it in for about 4 hours or, for the whole day if needed.
  • Consume 2 capsules of the supplement daily, preferably one during lunch and the second one with dinner.
  • Alongside being on Profollica course, make sure to maintain a regular diet rich in nutritional value and make proteins an integral part of your daily diet. Drink sufficient water as our strands constitute of minerals that only water can replenish. Practice good sleeping habits and cut down on habits such as smoking.
  • Unlike harsh chemical-based drugs most likely to trigger side effects, these are all natural techniques to restore hair health in men and therefore, require your perseverance and patience to bring about lasting significant benefits.