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Choose From an Effective Range of DS Laboratories Hair Care Products

While there are many popular hair-care brands out there, only a few such as DS Laboratories are immensely trusted when it comes to effectively and safely combating common hair issues such as dandruff and hair fall.

Here at, we store hair care products especially chosen for their high efficacy rate. These products belong to the well-reputed and trusted brands and, one of such brands is DS Laboratories. Founded in 1996, this brand has been preparing and delivering quality hair care products for years now.

Simply speaking, if a potent blend of power of science and goodness of nature is what you are looking for to effectively promote hair re-growth and combat hair loss, DS Laboratories products can handle your hair problems like no other. Furthermore, it is not just common scalp hair problems that are tackled well by this brand’s products as it also offers super effective hair removal products such as the depilatory Keramene.

Read further to know about some of its high in demand products and ways these products promote good hair health.

For hair fall

Hair fall is a widespread hair condition that impacts all at least at some point in their lives. But before you go out buying hair fall solutions, it is important for you to know if your hair fall even needs any help. There is something called normal hair fall whereby, shedding of 100 to 150 hairs each day is considered absolutely normal. But if the rate at which your hair falls is beyond normal, then DS Laboratories products such as the ones explained below can be of substantial help.

Revita Hair Growth Shampoo

This effective formula contains naturally derived ingredients that are specially chosen after years of research spent in testing them for their hair health promoting ability. These ingredients work by restoring follicle function to promote healthy re-growth of new hair and control excessive shedding of hair by inhibiting production of DHT, a hormone that is one of the most common hair fall culprits in both men and women.

Spectral. RS

A proven hair growth stimulator, minoxidil is though not known to cause any severe side effects; it may cause minor itching sensation that subsides after few applications and, is usually well tolerated by users. However, for those who do not wish to endear any sort of itching whatsoever, this product being minoxidil-free, can be an equally effective hair growth promoting formula. Formulated with an advanced nanosome technology, Spectral.RS in the UK is a popular hair loss solution. It is a potent organic blend of vitamins, minerals and other naturally derived ingredients that work at the cellular level to nourish scalp, curb hair fall and improve metabolism in follicles to promote thicker and stronger hair growth.

For dandruff

Sometimes, excess sebum production leads to dandruff build up, which is not only damaging to self-esteem but, is also a potential hair fall trigger. Therefore, to protect your hair and scalp health from further damage and hair fall, it is important to get rid of stubborn white flakes through an effective anti-dandruff solution and when looking for such solutions, high productivity rate of Dandrene can definitely not be overlooked.


This anti-dandruff shampoo works at the root level by inhibiting certain fungal growth and by controlling excessive sebum production. A daily cleansing shampoo, Dandrene benefits your hair by combating and preventing further flaking, scaling and itching- common symptoms of excessive dandruff.