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Study finds men are keen to remove unwanted hair

It’s not just women anymore seeking painless hair removal options. Men of today too want to go hairless. Find out more here.

Men don't always want rugs on their chests - and they certainly don't want them on their backs.

A new study has discovered that fewer men are now willing to put up with hairiness and many are instead opting to look into hair removal methods in order to eliminate the problem.

Researchers at Auckland University in Australia and the Open University (OU) in the UK asked several hundred people of both sexes questions about body hair and whether they remove it or not.

"We wanted to explore the relatively under-examined issues of male body hair removal and any relationship this may have to their desire for the 'hairless ideal' expected of women," Gareth Terry from the OU explained at a conference for the British Psychological Society.

"Until recently, in the West, the removal of body hair was mostly a female practice. However, in the last decade, more men have also started removing theirs. Compare for instance, Sean Connery's body with Daniel Craig's," he added.

The study showed that even though male body hair is still much more acceptable than hair on women, guys are increasingly interested in removing at least some of it. Indeed, male body hair was not seen as particularly desirable among modern women, even though quite the opposite was true several decades ago.

"Women who choose not to shave, for whatever reason, are considered unfeminine and have 'let themselves go'. Men on the other hand seem to have much more scope for 'grooming' rather than hairlessness as an option," the researcher said.

Speaking to Hawke's Bay Today, Red Eleven modelling agency co-director Amanda Betts agreed that guys are experimenting with different hair removal strategies.

"Men are all of a sudden placing value on beauty products and beauty services. It's becoming increasingly as important to them as it is to our female talent," she commented.

Interestingly, a hairy back is seen as "never acceptable".

The interest in hair removal could partly be due to the trend for both men and women to use fake tan, as the products adhere to the skin more effectively when it is de-fuzzed. Statistics suggest that one in ten British men slather on fake tan, so it is no surprise they need to get rid of excess body hair first.

A host of male celebrities including Cristiano Ronaldo and other sports personalities have also been spotted looking relatively hairless, meaning guys keen to emulate them don't want to appear bear-like in comparison.

Not only this, but excess body hair can also be embarrassing, with lots of guys getting teased at the gym for having 'rugs' on their chest or back.

Fortunately, hair removal has never been easier thanks to the array of innovative products on the market to cope with it - and it can even be done at home. Creams and depilation devices can get rid of hair and lessen the speed at which it grows back, while IPL and laser hair removal can eradicate it permanently and also prevent the ingrown hairs that may arise from shaving and waxing.

Both men and women can therefore get the look they want quickly, easily and painlessly so they are ready to hit the beach, gym or even bedroom with confidence.