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Getting Rid Of Unwanted Hair Using HPL Hair Removal Devices

For those who wish to enjoy laser hair removal level results without spending heavily and without compromising their skin safety, there have been introduced at-home devices that work by the highly effective, inexpensive and safe technology called Home Pulsed Light.

The rapid growth of undesired body hair can be extremely annoying but what is further more annoying is making frequent trips to beauty salons to get such unwanted hair waxed out or, shaving them off on a daily basis.

Also, while there are other effective alternatives available such as electrolysis and laser hair removal that aid in permanent removal of hair, the high cost of such clinical treatments can be further maddening for the probable candidates. The cost is not the only concern though as skin suitability and Sun exposure, is also a couple of many factors that must be considered before undergoing laser hair removal. Therefore, considering such common concerns associated with permanent hair removal solutions, there have been manufactured certain at-home devices that in addition to providing with effective results are also easy to use and far less expensive.

HPL Technology and Its Benefits

In addition to laser and electrolysis for hair removal, there is also a certain Intense Pulsed Light technology used at several beauty clinics and by medical practitioners to aid in permanent removal of hair. Considering the hair removing ability of this technology and the concerns of those who cannot afford to enjoy benefits of such technology, scientists have introduced what is described as Home Pulsed Light (HPL) technology, which is a patented technology of Silk’n Home Skinovations Ltd. As the name suggests, this technology lets you enjoy the benefits of hair free skin safely and conveniently in the comfort of your home.

A couple of such at-home devices that work by HPL technology to permanently inhibit growth of undesired body hair are:

Silk’n Flash&Go

Working by HPL technology, this device aids in permanent removal of hair by converting light energy into heat and by targeting the root of hairs in order to weaken them thereby, disrupting their growth cycle. Using this device regularly will gradually yet effectively impair the growth of undesired body hair, thereby encouraging permanent hair removal.

Silk’n SensEpil

Another HPL technology based at-home device, Silk’n SensEpil hair removal system too promotes permanent removal of undesired body hair by using light and heat energy.

Simply put, this device generates light pulses that are absorbed by the melanin pigment present in your hairs. Just as in case of Flash&Go, the absorbed light pulses are consequently transformed into heat to impair the normal functioning of hair follicles with regular use.

Aforementioned are a couple of products that use the highly beneficial and effective HPL technology to aid in permanent removal of undesired hair. In addition to the effectiveness of this technology, it is also deemed to be safe to use as it uses low energy levels with high peak power unlike laser technology, which uses higher levels. Usage of low levels of energy results in no to minor side effects such as tingling or slightly warm sensation that usually subside after hair removal session. Moreover, these devices are equipped with a skin-touch mechanism that lets the system fire only when the device is brought in direct contact of the skin.