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Understanding the Science behind Greying of Hair

In the style conscious world of today, grey hair peeping through darker locks can be extremely embarrassing. Read this post to find out how hair turns grey and solutions that unlike artificial dyes, can restore your natural hair colour for longer.

Grey hair is usually seen as one of the major signs of growing age. While some accept it as a natural ageing process, there are others who find it to be embarrassing and therefore, use dye to cover up the grey areas. The worst part however is not necessarily when your hair starts to lose its colour with growing age. It is the condition of premature hair greying, which is all the more frustrating. As the term suggests, premature hair greying is when hair starts to go grey as early as in teenage.

The causes of grey hair occurring prematurely can have various causes. Firstly, your genes are seen as one of the major factors that determine the overall make up of your hair including the approximate age at which they should start to turn grey. Simply put, if you experience premature greying, it is mostly because one of the older members of your family had also experienced the same.

Besides the genetic factor though, poor nutrition intake, uncontrolled stress levels, lifestyle vices such as smoking, excessive hair styling and frequent colouring, are some of the other potential factors that can make your hair lose its original colour prematurely.

Now while most of us are aware of such common causes that turn hair grey prematurely or at a normal age, not all of us are aware of how exactly hair changes its colour. The following two points will explain you the science behind natural changes in hair colour from red, brown, or black (or whatever your original colour may be) to grey, silver, or white.

  • Melanin is the substance that is produced by melanocyte cells and gives your hair its natural colour. Due to the ageing of melanocyte cells the production of melanin reduces thereby, resulting in low count of melanin in your hair follicles and consequently, your hair starts to turn grey. When the production of melanin ceases completely due to the death of melanocyte cells, your hair turns white.
  • Melanin has two basic pigments- pheomelanin and eumelanin. While pigment pheomelanin is yellowish to reddish brown, eumelanin is black to brown. Natural hair colour is usually a blend of proportions of both these pigments. The interesting part here is that blond haired people usually experience greying at an older age than those who are dark haired simply because it is difficult to detect loss of colour (melanin) in light coloured hair.

Therefore, since melanin plays a major role in determining hair colour, increasing its production can be a key to prolonging natural hair colour and vitality. Following natural remedies can help you with the same.

Maintain a protein rich diet- Protein is undoubtedly a hair-essential nutrient and our strands are also made of a protein called keratin. Furthermore, a prolonged deficiency of protein fades natural pigmentation of hair and therefore, it is important to eat protein-rich diet to keep your locks from going grey.

Eat seafood- Low intake of copper and iodine is also known to inhibit melanin production. Seafood, such as crabs, fish, and oysters are rich source of both these minerals and if you possess no severe allergies to such food, consuming it can be of immense help in restoring your hair vitality and natural hue.

Combat stress- Stress is one of the major causes that turn your hair grey prematurely. Practicing yoga or deep breathing exercises regularly can instil peace in your mind and soul and help your stay younger for longer.

Discover the advantages of anti-grey products- There are several natural products on market that are formulated especially to reverse hair greying. One of such products is Foligain Anti Gray natural supplement that is seen as great alternative to artificial dyes as it takes a natural approach in boosting melanin production to restore your lost hair colour.