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Is Using Silk’n Products for Hair Removal a Good Idea?

Want to experience laser-quality hair removal benefits but without exposing your skin health towards any kind of major risks? Silk’n products make use of patented Home Pulsed Light technology that can help you get rid of those pesky little hairs safely, conveniently and effectively.

Based on the impressive customer feedback singing praises about the superbly effective and FDA backed Silk’n hair removal devices, it should be safe to say that buying these low cost hair removal devices to attain hair-free smooth skin is a good idea.

Silk’n products are a preferred choice of many who hate indulging in frequent waxing and shaving sessions and find it too inconvenient, risky and costly to undergo laser hair removal. The striking feature of these devices is the patented Home Pulsed Technology these work by. This technology is specially created to allow users to remove hair in the comfort of home, safely and effectively.

Read further to know what this technology is and how it helps in fighting out undesired body hair.

  • Developed by scientists at Home Skinovations Ltd., Home Pulsed Light (HPL) technology is an innovative version of the Intense Pulsed Light technology, which is already widely used in salon and clinic based treatments.
  • What makes HPL unique is the fact that it is specifically developed to aid you in enjoying hair removal benefits of Intense Pulsed Technology safely, effectively and conveniently at home-setting environment and without any professional assistance.
  • It is suitable for home use because it comes with two modules of safety that include a skin sensor, which works by detecting skin colour in order to avoid any probabilities of burns and a skin-touch mechanism that allows the device to emit pulses only when it is brought in direct contact with the skin.
  • It provides pain less hair removal sessions and without any potential side effects. However, there may be a slight tingling sensation that usually subsides quickly.
  • When directed at the area to be treated, the light pulses emitted by these devices penetrate deep into the hair follicles and transform into safe heat that impairs the hair growth cycle.
  • It works by slowing hair growth and with constant use, eventually leads to complete reduction of undesired body hair.

Read further to know about some of these Silk’n products that use HPL technology to combat body hair and their other key associated features.

Silk’n Flash&Go

  • Can be used on almost all parts of body including face.
  • Comes with a narrow lamp cartridge that contains 5000 light pulses.
  • It is a simple to use device. All you have to do is plug in the device and direct it at the areas you wish to remove hair from. For optimal results, it is advised you first clean and pat dry the skin area and start with low intensity energy settings.
  • It is suggested to schedule treatments in 2 week intervals and significantly reduced hair growth can be experienced from about the 4th session.

Silk’n Glide

  • There are three variants of Silk’n Glide- Silk’n Glide 50,000, 30,000 and 150,000. The figures donate the number of light pulses, which are thought to be sufficient to last multiple hair removal sessions and hence, none of these devices require refill cartridges.
  • These provide with low cost pulsed light hair removal sessions in the comfort of your home.
  • Equipped with 5 level energy settings.
  • Pulsing and Gliding are the two methods of using Silk’n Glide.
  • When used on energy level 1, Silk’n Glide devices are considered safe for use on darker skin tones and can also be used after Sun exposure.
  • Skin colour sensor detects the skin areas that are too dark to be treated safely. You can also take help from skin and hair colour chart that comes with Silk’n Glide devices to know if the product is suitable for your skin and hair type.