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How Can I Speed Up Hair Growth?

When the problem of hair-fall dawns upon us, more often than not, we look for refuge in hair loss shampoos or adopt cheat practices such as specialized haircuts to make our hair look voluminous. However, all these fixes won’t work optimally if our basics, which include lifestyle and diet, are not taken care of.

It is believed that an average person’s hair grows about a quarter an inch each month. However, if you wish to speed up the process or, if your hair grows at a pace slower than the average, you may want to adopt measures that can help you boost your hair health.

Though there is no one miraculous way to make your hair grow longer faster, there are various natural ways through which you can enrich your hair health to speed up its growth.

Natural Supplements

If you feel regular night oiling has not curbed your hair fall significantly, then complementing your hair restoration regime with supplements such as TRX2 hair regrowth natural supplement can speed up your hair growth immensely. This supplement is known to promote new hair growth and treat balding in both men and women.

However, supplements alone cannot do wonders for your hair but, work optimally as a support system to regular healthy diet and lifestyle.

Importance of a healthy diet for healthy hair

Not many of us realise how important our diet is for hair health and instead, look for fast-acting solutions and prefer buying promising shampoos and conditioners to do the needful. The truth however is that just as the secret to beautiful skin is the adequate in-take of anti-oxidants, water and fibre-rich diet, the secret to lustrous and growing hair too is consuming a balanced diet that is rich in all the hair essential nutrients.

Eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, beans, eggs, i.e., maintaining a protein, zinc, iron, fats and vitamin-rich diet, is an effective way towards promoting hair strength, lustre and growth.

Keep in mind the delicacy of hair fibres and avoid excessive styling

One of the most significant ways you can take care of your hair is by understanding how fragile each strand is and by treating them right. One way you can do that is by reducing hair styling. Rigorous hair styling may give you that fabulous hair-do but, the consequences can be annoying as chemicals and cleansers used in styling products may bring damage, thinning problems and even major hair loss, if used persistently. Also, when buying shampoos to curb hair fall, consider investing in natural hair loss shampoos that do not strip your strands from their natural oils.

Clear Stress Out Of Your Life

Stress, be it mental (in form of anxiety or depression), or physical, (in form of any surgeries undergone or injuries suffered), can adversely hamper your hair growth pattern. While medical treatment of physical stress can gradually bring back your hair health, mental stress can be cleared out from your life solely by you.

One of the significant ways you can minimize stress levels is by sleeping. Sleeping not only soothes your body and mind but, it is during sleep that our bodies regenerate cells and promote overall good health. Also, non-exhaustive yet super effective exercises like yoga and meditation play a key role in relaxing mind and help in improvement of all aspects of health, including hair.