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Stubble vs Beard: What do women prefer?

There’s a reason why all men in Hollywood are ditching razors. A study shows that women find men more attractive with a heavy beard than clean shaven.

For decades, women drooled over the clean-shaven look of Tom Cruise and George Clooney. But, that was history. Now there definitely seems to be a trend of facial hair among men. More and more men are ditching razors and are letting their beard grow. Some just like to keep a groomed look with light stubble, while others are donning a heavy beard look. But, the million dollar question is – What Do Women Prefer: Stubble or Beard?

Light Stubble isn’t sexy anymore

Yes, you read it. Researchers at the University of New South Wales have found that women find men with heavy stubble more attractive than men with light stubble. A new study, published in Evolution and Human Behaviour, claims that men who flaunt 10 days of beard growth were preferred by men over clean-shaven and light stubble. Study authors took photographs of 10 men at various stages of beard growth - shaven, five days regrowth, 10 days regrowth, and a full beard.

Then these photographs were shown to women and heterosexual men, who were asked to score those pictures on attractiveness, masculinity, health and potential parenting ability. Most women rated the 10-day heavy beard more attractive than bare faces, light stubble or full beards. Across all the categories, men with light stubble were rated the lowest.

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Why 10 days of growth is attractive?

According to researchers, facial hair is associated with maturity, dominance and aggression. It also affects judgments of male socio-sexual attributes. While women find clean-shaven men young and immature, full-bearded men were rated highest on potential parenting ability as they looked mature – someone who could protect and invest in kids. The researchers ultimately thought 10 days growth was a middle ground that conveys maturity and manliness, which women find sexy.

So gentlemen, take advantage of these findings and step away from that razor. Here we give you the ultimate tips to get the look that can make any women go weak in the knees.

Get the Look – How to Rock Heavy Stubble?

If you think heavy stubble is all about letting your beard grow, then you are wrong. To get women, give in to her irrepressible stubble-driven lust, you need to maintain it and keep it groomed. Follow these steps to get the right look:

  • Let your beard grow for at least a week and a half. It may take a little longer if you have very fair-hair. If it’s your first time, then you might find it itchy, but don’t scratch. Simply wash your beard and keep it clean.
  • You don’t want the facial hair to be prickly. So, keep them well moisturised by applying conditioner. This will also help reduce itching.
  • When you get enough growth, use a trimmer to maintain heavy stubble. If the growth is too heavy, then before trimming remove the tangles using a wide toothed comb.
  • Don’t forget to groom your moustache and throat area. Use scissors trim uneven hair in the moustache and keep the throat area shaved.
  • If you want to wear the look for long, make sure you groom it daily with a trimmer set at around 0.5cm to catch stray hairs.

Now that you know how to pull off the 10-Day beard, go out and show the stubble power. And you know what the best thing about heavy stubble is - you can flaunt whether you're dressed up or casual.