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Threading vs Waxing vs Tweezing: What is better for facial hair?

It goes without saying that unwanted facial hair is not sexy. Thankfully there are many ways to remove facial hair but which one is the best method. Find out here.

Okay, no woman likes unwanted facial hair. It not only causes anxiety and embarrassment, but it also affects your appearance and confidence. Fortunately, there are many ways to get rid of facial hair including threading, waxing and tweezing. But with so many choices, it’s hard to know which one is best. Here we discuss the pros and cons of each technique to help you make a wise decision:


Threading facial hair

Developed in the Middle East, threading is an ancient method of hair removal. A twisted thread is rolled across the skin to pull hairs out from the root. It is generally performed by a trained beauty professional, but some women learn the technique of using a thread on themselves.

The Good:

  • Ideal for shaping eyebrows as it allows to create a more defined shape
  • One of the fastest methods of facial hair removal – just takes a few minutes
  • Results last for over 4 to 6 weeks
  • Re-growth is fine and gets finer with every session
  • There is no risk of ingrown hairs

The Bad:

  • It can be painful, especially if your skin is thin and delicate
  • You have to wait for proper hair growth before you can get threading done again
Waxing facial hair


When it comes to hair removal, waxing is a popular method. Many women regularly visit salons to get their unwanted hair waxed out, while many prefer to do it at home as the procedure is simple. Normally there are two types of wax used – hot wax and cold wax. While hot wax is used for arms and legs, cold wax is preferred for facial hair.

The Good:

  • Results last for 6 to 10 weeks
  • Encourages thinner, softer regrowth
  • Can be used for removing hair from upper lips, chin or sideburns
  • Comparatively affordable and can be done at home

The Bad:

  • Hair growth needs to be at least 1cm before you can re-wax
  • Leaves skin red or can also cause bleeding
  • Not recommended if you have sensitive skin
  • Too harsh on the delicate skin around the eye area
  • Can’t use for eyebrows as it lacks precision
Tweezing facial hair


Commonly used method for facial hair, tweezing involves using tweezers to pull out hair from the root. It is usually the simplest way to get rid of unwanted facial hair. Women mostly do tweezing on their own at home. Of all the methods, tweezing takes the most time as it takes precision and patience.

The Good:

  • Results are instant
  • Only suitable for stray hairs on the chin, between and under the brows
  • It can be done at home - all you need is a good pair of tweezers

The Bad:

  • Plucking out hair can be painful
  • It can take a lot of time to shape eyebrows with tweezers
  • Hair grows back within a week, and that too with the same thickness
  • Can’t be used on upper lips

The Verdict

Although the choice between threading, tweezing or waxing should be based on individual needs, there are some methods that are definitely better than others. For eyebrows threading is the best option as it even removes very fine hair strands and gives a clean and precise look. Tweezing works best for plucking out stray hair from the chin and between the brows. For removing hair from the upper lip and the rest of the face, waxing is the preferable option. However, if you have sensitive skin, stick to threading.