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Hair Care Brands: Know Which Ones to Trust


When you have me, you fret and when you don’t, you fret harder, who am I? This puzzle can have two possible answers, rain and hair. While we definitely can’t fight nature to enjoy rain just about how and when we want to, we sure can do something about annoying hair problems.

The common yet frustrating condition of chronic hair loss maddens us enough to try varying unique solutions and, the times we are infuriated about hair growth is when these keratin build up strands flourish on our body parts and compel us to look for hair removal methods that generally include frequent waxing and shaving sessions.

Therefore, we here at strive to provide you with products that can help fix such hair related issues naturally, safely and effectively. Best part? These products belong to much impressive, well-trusted and popular hair care brands.

For Hair Removal


Are you tired of spending on waxing sessions that just don’t seem to keep your body hair-free for over 15 days? Worry no more as Silk’n range of HPL (Home Pulsed Light) technology based hair removal devices, such as Flash&Go Lux and SensEpil XL 65,000, can provide you with laser-level hair removal results in the comfort of your home. What’s best? These are FDA approved devices so you need not worry about safety issues as much. Just follow the instructions religiously and you are good to go!

Skin Doctors

Range of naturally formulated hair removal products offered by this brand are hailed by many users as the safer yet equally effective alternatives to laser technique. The potent natural ingredients used in the hair removal cream and hair inhibitor spray offered by this brand, aid in effective hair removal and, with regular use, retard hair re-growth completely.

Scalp Hair Problems


While on hunt for ultimate solutions to fix common hair issues such as hair fall, it is generally advised to steer clear of products loaded with harsh chemicals. A brand that has gained wide popularity for its effective and safe to use hair loss products is Foligain. Be it the 100% natural Foligain supplement that works at the root level to promote hair growth or, the ever-effective Minoxidil Foam solutions for men and women, it is one of the most sought after hair care brands.

Hair Max

Hair Max laser combs are devices that use low level laser energy to stimulate hair follicles and initiate hair re-growth. These devices are a favourite of those who are neither fan of popping pills nor find it convenient to apply topical solutions. What’s more? Hair Max laser devices have FDA approval backing them for their efficacy.