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Reasons behind the use of shampoo and conditioner

Have you ever wondered why do you actually wash your hair regularly? How do our hair follicles and sebaceous glands function? The answers to these questions will lead you to the reason behind the cleansing routine.

What are sebaceous glands?

Sebaceous glands begin to appear beneath the skin during your fourth month in the womb and are found in the highest concentration on your scalp and face. Except for palms and soles of feet, they are found everywhere on your body. These glands are usually connected to an individual hair follicle.

What do these glands do?

Sebaceous glands are responsible for producing natural oils which moisturize and keep skin and hair waterproof. In the skin's dermal layer, specialized secretory cells that absorb fats from the body make their way into the sebaceous gland and fragment. This is the point when cells become sebum. The sebum is expressed into the shaft of the hair follicle, where it gets excreted on to the skin’s outer layer, known as stratum corneum. Simply said, the body expels fats and cellular debris on the skin and hair. This is why we use shampoo to clean up our scalp and hair.

Why do we have a hair washing routine?

Sebum waterproofs and moisturizes skin and hair and without this function the skin can dry and shed prematurely, leaving thriving cells exposed to elements. But allowing sebum to spread on our hair and scalp means the same thing of being oily and unwashed. Hence, we have bathing and hair washing routines in place. With these routines, we deplete skin and hair of their natural oils by using soap and shampoo and then reapply moisturisers and conditioners.

What would happen if I go without a hair wash for prolonged period of time?

The feeling of being unclean can make you feel unhealthy and gross. Moreover, the natural oils can lead to skin conditions such as acne vulgaris, where sebum gets accumulated in the hair follicles creating a hub for bacteria to thrive on and break fats into fatty acids. This creates an allergic reaction which surfaces as acne.

What do I do if I experience hair loss?

You must have been bombarded with advice for hair care when you disclosed your hair loss problem to near and dear. What is most important for you to check is that do you have the time to go for home remedies? Can you risk using artificial chemicals? If your answer is no for both of these questions, then you can try using a natural hair growth shampoo for men and women, which will present lesser or no side-effects. These shampoos are usually made up of natural ingredients while also including the benefits of modern technology so that you derive the best from both worlds. Hair loss shampoo for women in UK such as Revivogen is developed to combat hair thinning and hair loss, while working to normalise the DHT hormone present in both men and women.