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Is grey hair solely down to age?

Going grey is an inevitable part of life for most of us. However, some people go grey in their 20s while others see their first sliver hairs in there 50s. Clearly age is not the only thing that turns hair grey. Read on to find out the other reasons that can lead to grey hair.

Going grey is a customary part of ageing. Normally, white people start getting grey hair in their mid-30s and by 50 half of all people have a considerable number of grey hair. But if age is the only reason behind grey hair, why do some people have salt and pepper hair in their 20s? When hair starts turning grey earlier in life, we call it premature greying.

Grey hair is not welcomed by anyone, irrespective of age. Hair is made up of two parts, the root and the shaft. The root keeps the hair anchored into the scalp, while the shaft is the coloured part that comes out of your head. Every root of hair is surrounded by a hair follicle that produces melanin – a pigment that gives hair its colour. If the melanin pigment decreases, hair turns grey.

The production of pigment can stop due to many reasons, one of that being increasing age. But premature greying isn’t due to age. In some people it is their genes that are to be blamed for premature greying, while in others it can be their habits like smoking. Here are some of the main reasons behind premature greying:

  • You may be genetically programmed to turn grey. If your father or any close relative turned grey early, you are also likely to follow.
  • Vitamin B deficiency is also considered as a reason for premature greying of hair.
  • Cigarette smoking can also cause grey hair. Studies after studies have found that people who smoke have a higher risk of going grey early than people who don’t smoke.
  • Hypothyroidism can also be tracked with greying. When your thyroid gland fails to produce hormones that are essential for triggering melanin production, it can cause grey hair.
  • Stress is also considered as a reason behind greying, although there is no scientific study to back that claim.

How to deal with grey hair?

Most people conceal grey hair using colours, dyes and different hair products. However, it is not a permanent solution. You can hide your greys with colour for just few months and as it fades away, your greys will be back. Moreover, using chemical colours and hair products can lead to more problems like hair fall and dandruff.

To reduce the hassles of hiding the greys, grey hair pills and supplements such as Foligain Anti Gray Capsules are becoming more and more popular. They work from the inside of the body to restore natural colour of your hair. You don’t have to spend hours dyeing your hair or spend hundreds of pounds getting them coloured. The natural grey hair pills boost the production of melanin over time so that hair appears darker and the colour is restored.

Grey hair pills are a discreet way of restoring your crowning glory. You can avoid the embarrassment of showing up in different coloured hair suddenly. With these natural pills, you can restore the natural colour of your hair. Remember, even if greying is inevitable, you don’t have to live with it. If you are concerned about it, seek medical advice to know about the grey hair pills available on the market.