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Which Are the Safest Hair Removal Laser Devices in UK?

It is probably better to find out more about the best devices and technologies rather than just going with what pops on your screen. A little research can make the selection easier.

The ways people used to think of hair removal devices has changed in the last few years. Permanent methods and techniques are making rounds in the market, with more and more men looking for the similar options at the most affordable of costs.

Apart from the usual features, safety is something at the top of list especially after the few side effect cases we have heard of recent. That is why we offer you the list of some of the safest devices in the UK market today.

Silk'n Flash&Go

The design of Silk'n Flash& Go permanent hair reduction device strikes much needed balance between affordability, efficiency and safety. This handheld device has been made with high safety standards and that is exactly why its technology has been approved by FDA. The best thing about this device is that it can be used easily on sensitive parts of your body including the bikini line, underarms and face. Its Home Pulsed Light Technology is safe for long-term use too.

  • Why it is safe: There is a skincare sensor, which does not let the device start if complexion is not safe to be treated.

Rio Scanning Laser 20 Hairs

Though this device might not combat with the giants of market in terms of efficiency, safety is a front where it works just fine. This device is also designed to offer permanent hair removal with laser technology, which is transformed in heat energy to disrupt growth metabolism of hair. Just like Silk'n Flash& Go permanent hair reduction device, you can also use Rio on sensitive parts of the body including face and bikini line.

  • Why it is safe: It offers you complete control in terms of intensity control. There is a safety lock with key operation too.

Silk'n Flash&Go Lux

It might not be the most affordable of designs but can certainly offers advanced features in terms of quick effects and safety. This device comes with added cartridge, which has more life than the usual ones. In short, this device will offer you more treatment sessions as compared to basic model and so the long-term costs will not hurt much. Its technology is also approved by FDA and can be used on sensitive parts of your body. It is actually one of the better safe hair removal laser devices in UK.

  • Why it is safe: Just like basic Silk'n Flash& Go, this device also offers you skin complexion sensor to ensure that your skin falls in safe region.