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Why choose laser hair removal?

Whether you shave, pluck, trim or wax, most women spend a fair amount of time every week ridding themselves of unwanted hair from their legs, underarms, bikini lines and faces.
And although you may already have a preferred method of removing hair, if you find the routine inconvenient, boring or ineffective you way want to consider trying laser hair removal.

This is a quick but gentle way of removing excess body hair, and in the majority of cases women see a permanent reduction in overall hair growth to the treated area.

The procedure involves a concentrated beam of light which is aimed at hair and is absorbed by the pigment, damaging the follicle enough to affect future growth.

To prevent re-growth altogether, the hair needs to be in a certain growth phase, but not all hair will be at this point during the treatment. This is why multiple treatments are often recommended if you want to end up with long term hair removal.

Usually the treatment begins with a test patch if you've never undergone the procedure before, and then it usually takes anything from ten to 40 minutes, depending on the surface area.