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Research has shed light on women's attitudes to their hair

What does research have to say about women and their feelings towards their hair? Check out here.

As many as 44 per cent of women agree that thinning hair is the worst part of growing older, with new research shedding light on when females feel most confident about their dos. Women can be affected by hair loss, although not as widely as men, but do not have to be afraid they are alone in their concerns.

The survey of 2,000 women from Kerastase Densifique found 41 per cent of women wish they had fuller and thicker looking hair. So, there is little need to be concerned about thinning on top as that fear is echoed by females across the UK. Women can look to a variety of products to help encourage hair growth, while certain styles and cuts can also work to make their mops look more vibrant.

"I frequently get asked questions about thinning hair and what's the best way to treat it," said Luke Hersheson, Kerastase ambassador. "Many women are really worried about the loss of their hair, the loss of volume, and the fact that they don't have as luscious locks as they did when they were in their early 20s." He added that stress, diet, hormones and pregnancy can all affect the health of both hair and the scalp.

Whether a woman opts to use product to revitalise her hair, or seek the advice of a hairdresser on a cut that will make it more vibrant, there is little cause to worry as plenty of females are in the same boat. And while hair thinning is a significant concern for women, the study suggested women were most confident in their locks by the age of 29. The reason for this may be due to the fact they experimented in their teens and damaged their hair in their early 20s through styling.

According to the poll, 40 per cent of respondents went through a period of refusing to cut their hair as they wanted to grow it out. Some 59 per cent had experimented with a perm, 34 per cent crimped it and 36 per cent straightened it on a regular basis.

"As women move in to their 30s and beyond they tend to invest more in their hair and look after it using the right treatments," said Mr Hersheson. "Most of them reach the age where they want their hair to look healthy, full of body and thicker, rather than opting for the trendiest hair which has come straight off the catwalk."

One popular do participants tended to try out was the 'Rachel from Friends' look, sported by Jennifer Aniston for much of the sitcom's duration. Indeed, a quarter of respondents admitted to trying to mimic this hairstyle, with a further 36 per cent daring to get a pixie haircut in their younger years. While greying was a concern for respondents, it remained a less significant concern compared to thinning. Those worried about hair loss can also speak to their doctor about possible causes and solutions.