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Worst Things You Can Do to Hair That Promotes Premature Greying

Premature greying is a more common condition than what people perceive. It affects both men and women equally and if you cannot counter the everyday causes, there is no chance that the treatments will help.

A lot of people think that greying is a sign of ageing and cannot be reversed. Less people know that ageing can be premature and your styling habits can actually be affecting the condition. Yes, it is true that genetics play a very important role here but you can control the condition to an extent.

And at times, greying is just due to external damage and we are going to show you how and what affects the normal hair colour and turns it to salt and pepper quite early in your life.

Colouring and Dyeing

While colouring and dyeing are thought to be the ultimate premature grey hair treatment in UK, men and women fail to understand that it is all about masking them. These so called advanced formulations often use ammonia and bleach to take away the natural colour before replacing it with artificial one.

Though people may think of it as the ultimate solution, with repeated use the chemicals can take away elasticity and moisture of the hair. As a matter of fact, these chemicals also affect blood circulation and make hair greyer than before.

Perming and Straightening

We love to make changes in the hairstyle and some of us often cross the safer limits and wander into the lands full of hair damage. We might sound a bit dramatic here but too much styling leads to not only hair damage but the effects can also be seen on scalp. In fact, many experts even associated it with texture change in long duration.

Often chemicals such as ammonium thioglycolate solution involved in the process can cause severe side effects and should better be avoided especially if you are on any kind of premature greying treatment.


Now this one isn’t a secret is it? Smoking is just too bad for your circulatory health, which is critical for hair health too. The toxins can cause severe damages, of which the scientists are still not fully aware. Actually, there is not a single benefit why you should be smoking so it is better to start working on it.

The manufacturers of popular greying supplements including Foligain Anti Gray Capsules say that you should avoid smoking tobacco at all costs during the treatment as it can slow down or negate the benefits of the supplement.